O Christmas Tree

It became apparent this year that my husband, who spent his formative years pushing deer in the Pennsylvanian wilderness, had never had a up close and personal encounter with a Douglas Fir.

The General was kind enough to put up our Xmas tree this year, complete with lights *that worked* so I could decorate it.  I noticed I could see the middle support beam quite clearly in it, unlike from years past.  It seemed…..anemic.  As I got a closer look, I found most of the branches weren’t fully extended out from storage.  Hmph.  Confounded, I asked him about it and he said he was in a rush to set up the tree.  Ah, that explains it.  Classic.

With it’s branches fully extended and full of ornaments, it’s perfect.  I even put up the ceramic Christmas tree form the 1970’s that my Oma displayed every year.  It’s officially Christmastime here in the barracks.

Why so early?  We’re hosting my side of the family for Thanksgiving.  Mom, Dad, my little sister, and her boyfriend of 5 years (I refer to him as my brother-in-law, he’s part of the family) are all coming from Illinois to stay with us.  I am super excited!   This is my 1st ever real holiday as host to family…..I’m officially an adult now.  And as someone who’s job is a 24/7/365, the fact that I have days off around a holiday are such a blessing.  This almost never happens.

Luckily for everyone’s sake (fire department, family, State Farm, etc.), The General is the executive chef for this event, although I find myself planning the menu and doing most of the cleaning — but it’s all good.  I’ve been slacking and he’s working straight through until they get here.  My 2 favorite things, grasshopper pie and Oma’s German stuffing, are going to be made by my mom who is a master at both recipes.  I tried both of them in years past and they always turn out badly.  Cohesiveness in the final products elude me.  The grasshopper pie didn’t set (too much creme de mint, perhaps?) and the stuffing crumbled in to bits when it should have been cake-like. And to top it off, Kris and Pat are joining us too for a total of 8.  It’s going to be CRAZY at that dinner table – especially since I can only find chairs enough for 7 and we have 8 showing up!

….and I break my fast.   Haven’t heard much from God on it.   2012 is going to be an interesting year, for sure!


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