Justin time for Xmas

While I had every intention of getting a head start on my Xmas shopping, it just didn’t happen.

I texted Martha (nearly 13), my niece, to ask what she wanted for Xmas, as well as her little sister, Mary (nearly 10).  I wasn’t prepared for the response.

Mary was predictable.  Barbies and soccer stuff.

Martha?  Anything Justin Bieber.

<insert shudder here>

As I stated before, I have nothing against the kid.  I just don’t dig his music.  It’s just not my thing.  Nonetheless, I came home and googled him.  And then clicked on the “shopping” link.  If I can find a deal at Ulta, I am going to get her the perfume set and maybe a CD of his acoustic album.  Because I, an avid Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin fan, would never say on my blog to the effect that I went to the Ticketmaster website to see where his concerts were and how much tickets were because he’s not touring anywhere near the east coast.

<insert “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin here>

At her age, I never got excited over pop groups.  I liked the Beatles.

On the bright side, I get to go toy shopping for Mary and Lazarus (the little guy).

Oh boy, this next holiday extravaganza is going to be entertaining.


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