It’s beginning to sound a lot like Xmas

The holidays this year have been usually busy for me, hence the long break from zee blog.  Today it’s gearing up again with 2 mini holiday parties.

I’ve got 99% of my Xmas shopping done, but I seem to have tons of loose ends to fix.  And when I finish one, another one pops up.  I’m slowly losing what’s left of my mind.  I need to get my family’s presents in a box and shipped ASAP, but I still find myself procrastinating on what needs to be done.

And to make things worse, I just found this awesome gift idea recipe that I want to try.  But out of several “craft projects” I started this Christmas season, only 1 has come to fruition.  And I hope my sister isn’t disappointed with the outcome (she has no Xmas decor in her house and she’s quite in vogue, so I made her an artsy ornament tree.)  I have a feeling I’m going to try and find vanilla beans somewhere in town and stop at Old Time Pottery tomorrow to get some cute jars.  I just don’t know when to stop!  Loose ends?  I’ve got split ends!

I got into the Christmas spirit today by putting all the Christmas CDs I have into the CD changer and cranking the volume on the receiver.  It contains my CDs (Christmas classics like Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Mormon Tabernacle Choir), The General’s CDs from long ago (mostly funny Christmas songs, some of which are pretty offensive….I’m going to have to rip the CD for the good stuff….it’s not appropriate on so many levels), and of course, the Rolling Stones hits album Through the Past, Darkly.  I know….not very Christmasy.  But it snuck into the Christmas CDs last year and so now it’s tradition.  And while following O Holy Night by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with The Stones’ Let’s Spend the Night Together does raise a few eyebrows, we do things a little differently around the barracks.  Just not too off beat: the least offensive of the offensive CD is “Holy ____ It’s Christmas.”  I’ll give you a hint:  the blank is not smokes, mackerel, or cow.  But there’s one about not farting on Santa’s lap and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour ones are pretty funny.

I really need to fix that before tomorrow.  I’m having some friends come over to make cut out cookies complete with margaritas and mimosas.  I know – it’s about as holiday friendly as the Rolling Stones.

Our neighborhood Christmas party commenced tonight – I finally got to meet some people who live around me after a year and a half – I met a new friend tonight (and husband) who lives within eyeshot of my house – I think we could totally do some couple stuff together.  The General didn’t make it cuz of work.

Speaking of work, we won’t be able to celebrate our Xmas until the Tuesday after because of our job.  Even though it’s a few dates late, I’m so looking forward to it.  I just wish I could go to the Christmas Eve service at church.

Nonetheless, I’m ready to jump into the excitement of 2012.


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