I am so ready for 2012.

Looking back, 2011 was not a bad year.  It wasn’t the greatest year, but nothing happened that I could count this as a “bad year.”  It was just meh.  Samantha and Charlotte echoed this as well.  I’m ready for 2012 to be a rip roaring adventure with crazy memories, every moment filled with purpose and a focus on the Lord.  Whether it will be that way or not, I do not know.  But it’s my intention for the year.

There is a church here in town that started a movement called My One Word.  It’s simple: instead of having a new year’s resolution list, you pick one word to use that as the lens you focus your year on.  And what’s really nifty about this is whatever you choose for your word, the Lord will take and it will mean something different – and so our little Bible study adopted this.  A few years ago my one word was “Stand.”  Standing on a surfboard, standing in front of God and family as I said vows to The General in our marriage ceremony, standing for Christ, standing for what I believe in and not just merely nodding and smiling.  It was also the same year The General broke his leg.  The morning of the surgery I had to stand behind him in the shower to hold him up to wash him with the surgical prep soap.  Stand suddenly meant I had to literately stand for my husband because he could not.

For 2011, my one word was “Conscious.”  It was to be conscious about decisions I made, how I effected people with my words and actions, conscious of the world around me, conscious of where the Lord was leading me.  I don’t feel I really used my word to it’s fullness.  The one breakthrough I had was understanding extra sensory perception I have.  I can’t tell the future, but I can read the present.  I can feel those unspoken undertones in people.  I’m not the best judge of character sometimes, but I can sense a person’s intentions.  I wrote about it here.  Discernment would be church talk for it, I suppose.

My one word for 2012?  Wachsen.  Pronounced vach-zen.  It’s German for “grow.”

This year’s goals:

  • Yoga (shape my arms) [grow muscularly]
  • Running [grow in distance, speed]
  • Bike rides [growing out of my comfort zone of only running]
  • Visit Raleigh wineries, Washington DC with my SIL + kids, Berlin with The General, my hometown in Illinois [growing my horizons with new adventures and old friendships]
  • Work situation.  Should I stay or should I go? [growing in my career]
  • Devotional time with The General [growing spiritually together] ((I should probably tell him about this, lol))
  • Drop in on a wave while on the surfboard [growing in a skill]
  • Plant AND tend a garden [growing, quite literately]
  • Live life fully [growing more mature in my life views]
  • Figure out how to address/resolve “the thorn in my side” concerning the next steps we need to take in our life [grow, in the full sense of the word]

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