Ridin’ rims and boards

If you get in a car with me, chances are pretty good you will have an unexpected adventure.

The General was reminded of this the other day when we got into our wetsuits, pilled in the car, and headed to Carolina Beach to surf.  Once we got out onto the main road to the beach, a thwap thwap thwap sound came from the back of the car.  I pulled over and lo and behold, I had flat tire.  Not just a little flat, but riding on rims flat (which would explain the odd marks I have on my driveway).  Thankfully, I had my General who managed to get my airgun tightened lug nuts off (they were just put on with new tires a couple weeks ago).  The donut spare I had was comical.  It was kinda flat too.  Luckily, we were less than half a mile from home.

There was debate about if we should just keep driving to the beach on the donut or if we should go home and scrap the surfing.  The General opted for the more adult thing to do: go home and get the tire repaired because I had to go to work.  ::sigh::  So we went home for a costume change and ran up to the tire place.  “Ya got a nail in yur tire,” Captain Obvious at the tire place said.  Once it was plugged and we got it home, we still had enough time for surfing!  So we threw on our wetsuits again and headed for the beach.

The waves were amazing!  It was a little chilly, but I had a couple of decent rides.  I’m less likely to take risks in the cold water because no one wants to spend more than a few seconds being held under in 14C water.  Brrr.  We even saw a pod of dolphins!  I freaked at 1st because all I saw was a dorsal fin.  We had a great time — The General got some waves and had one epic wipe out.  I love riding the same wave with him.  We just need to work on that whole steering bit.

It’s all about the ride, after all.


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