Dating myself

While I was taking down all the Christmas stuff around the house today, the movie Ghost was playing on AMC.  Such a good movie, it had been years since I first saw the whole thing.

The 1st time I saw it was a date night.  I went to see it in the theatre with a married man (I was single).  And then we went out for drinks afterwards at a near by establishment – I remember sitting at one of those really tall bar tables.  After drinks and appetizers, we went back to his place.

Sounds pretty risque, right?  Well, it wasn’t.  The year was 1990.  I was 8 years old and the married man I was with just so happened to be my dad.  My mom was in Michigan with my sister, tending to her ill father, and instead of getting a sitter, my dad took me to see this movie.  We grabbed drinks (well, a Shirley Temple in my case) and a snack before heading home.  I remember really liking the movie.  Now, 22 years later, I can still appreciate this movie; so well scripted and acted.  I was also amused by pennies in the movie, as I have my own penny thing going on.

The last line of the film really struck me:  “It’s amazing, Molly.  The love inside, you take it with you.”



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