These apples have worms

As the good Lord knows, sometimes it takes a bit of fire under me to get me to move.  I’m a stubborn broad and when I find something I like, I usually am content to stick with it; that includes husbands, wine, running routes, and ordering the same thing at restaurants.

If you’ve read any of my ramblings in the past year, you’ll notice a trend where I am discontent with my job.  I love what I do – my chosen field suits me well and I’m to the point where I’m an expert in it.  The problem doesn’t lie with the line of work, but instead my employer and the fatuous management system it employes.  Our biggest issues could be solved, but those who have the ability to solve said problems won’t because they’re in the business of not upsetting anyone’s apple cart.  Changing the norms is not acceptable.  People will be angry.  Apples will be everywhere.  We can’t have that.  Our expense reports show that we’re right on track; so what if you’re using 3 people to do the job of 6 with a heavy workload?  The numbers are great at the end of the day.  Would you like another apple to put in your cart?

I can’t change things because I have no authority.  I am a worker bee and I am content to be one.  After hearing about another harebrained scheme that would negatively affect myself and my co-workers, I got mad.  Real mad.  So mad, that I contemplated a career change – using my degree in another field entirely.

And so, I just applied to 2 facilities.  I’m qualified on paper for one job – I’m not so sure the actual job might be something I would do – but the other job is right up my alley.  180° from what I am currently doing, but what I lack in degrees I make up for with my experience.

Excited.  Scared.   Slightly nervous at the thought of an interview.  I need new interview clothes.  Agh!

I have no idea what will happen.  I’d love to try something different.  I can’t keep going on the way I’ve been going – it’s unhealthy for me and the cracks are starting to show.

I tried waiting out the rough period, but its been a few years and it’s only gotten worse in the past 10 months. Exponentially worse.

And so, here begins the trek to greener pastures.


4 thoughts on “These apples have worms

  1. Good luck in your job search. I agree that when an employer is not allowing its employees to be their very best and a dumbing-down of process occurs out of fear of doing things right/best, it stagnates us professionally and invites burnout…and it’s time to hit the road. Praying for your journey on this new path…

  2. Good for you! It’s hard to step out, but you never know what might be waiting. I’ll pray for favor, and new clothes are always fun, even for interviews! 🙂

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