My German roots are rotting

It’s month 4 of learning German via Rosette Stone, a Berlin newspaper, and random Rammstein songs.  And while my vocabulary has greatly increased, my speaking ability seems stunted to “one noun, one verb” sentences.  And that noun better be in the singular tense.  God help me if I need to use the formal version v. informal version.  My grandparents are turning in their urns; local native speaking Germans have headaches and they don’t know why.  Our summer trip to Berlin is yet to be formally scheduled, but it’s on my radar in the new year.

I have the reading ability of a 1st grader, but the speaking ability of an 18 month old.  I have this bad feeling that I’m going to be pointing at things in Germany and whining until they’re given to me when I don’t know how to say the word.  Some of my vocab words are coming in handy  when browsing the newspaper and what I can’t decipher I’m using a translation app on my computer – which works about 95% of the time, it’s not perfect.

Today I stumbled upon a blog for the lovelorn from the Berliner Zeitung (Berlin Newspaper).  It’s all in German.  It’s an advice column of sorts.  And while it probably isn’t the most honorable thing to read, it is the most entertaining.  Okay, so I have to translate most words (although I can easily translate “Ich hatte gestern Nacht Sex in der Küche im Appartement einer Frau” – “I had sex last night in the kitchen of a woman’s apartment,” which is actually what caught my eye, mainly because I could understand it.  Germans capitalize nouns.)  And apparently sex is the same in both languages. Who knew?  It’s a good thing though: won’t have to worry about saying that accidently and embarrassing myself.

I got my Twilight book in English, so I can follow along with the German version,  too.  I’m hoping the more I read, the more I’ll understand sentence structure and it’ll eventually click in my head.  I know I need to speak it more, which is where Skype and some poor unlucky German speaker will be useful when my Rosette Stone Totale subscription runs out.  So far my group chats on Rosette Stone have been very touch and go.  They’re very encouraging, but I’m struggling.

My goal is to speak and write it well enough to not struggle through it.  As fluent as I can get this side of Deutschland.


2 thoughts on “My German roots are rotting

  1. Ooooh I have a funny story about learning German – and I apologize in advance if this comment turns into a novel. 🙂 When I was in elementary school, they taught us basic German… so naturally in High School I thought it’d be a great idea to welcome a shy foreign exchange German student to our class through the only German song I could remember. He was SUPER shy and I was just trying to be gooofy and make him laugh… and well… I made him laugh, just not in the way in which I preferred. I sang “I have the joy joy joy joy down in my heart” except evidently our German teacher taught us “I have the joy joy joy joy down in my breast.” He fell out of his chair laughing and exclaimed, “You have happiness in your tits?”

    Yes – that did happen to me. True story. I don’t sing in German anymore for obvious reasons. 😉

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