Fricassee Kitty

Growing up, we had an outdoor cat named Shadow, a rather large muted calico (who Katie reminds me so much of).  Whenever she would do something bad like crawling inside the open bedroom window in the middle of the night to snuggle or bringing a half dead baby bunny into the garage and proceed to butcher it, etc., my mother always threatened to make “Fricassee Kitty.”  Because I lack the ability to make eggs and other simple items (I can never remember if you butter toast before or after the toaster….), I never really thought much about what “fricassee” was.

The most amazing website EVER for food,, I found a recipe for Tarragon Chicken Fricassee with a tagline about how it was a southern dish.  As a southern transplant, I get excited about southern recipes, since I grew up in the great white north of Illinois.  I had no idea what tarragon was, but I figured I could find it at Tarris Heeter (it’s a plant).  It turns out that fricassee is between a saute and a stew.  Interesting.

So for dinner tonight, that’s what I’m making — with chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken (or oversized cat).  Here’s the recipe.

Also, The General and I just bought our 1st Costco membership.  We’re keeping a spending journal for the year to see if it is cost effective compared to Wal-Mart or Tarris Heeter (okay, it’s really Harris Teeter, a chain grocery store here, but I like my name better).  I’m amazed at what they have there — but it is so easy to overspend!

So here goes nothing.  To quote Sir Paul on the Beatle’s Anthology, “Let’s hope this one turns out pretty darn good.”


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