Dear God, I need a buoy. Thank you. Love, Me

The other weekend, The General and I, after spending nearly a month without a day off together, did a mini roadtrip into Brunswick County.  We did a wine tasting at Silver Coast Winery, and took the very awesome bridge to Holden Beach, as neither of us had ever been there before.  Instead of taking the mainland back home, we decided to take the ferry from Southport to Fort Fisher.  I just got a new camera and I’ve been trying it out at every possible photo opportunity.

In the picture, the background is Fort Fisher.  The buoy is a red navigational tool.  I looked it up on the internet and I’ve found that the red means starboard, the right side of the ship.  When returning, the red is on the right.  Green means on the left or port side.  The number means miles from the start of the channel.  In other words, don’t get between the buoy and shore.

I need a buoy in life.  I’m not sure which direction is next.  I’m not even sure what channel (or boat!)  I should be on.  I haven’t heard anything on the job front.  I don’t know what steps to take in life.  The Lord has been strangely silent with me.  I’m not sure why.

I would gladly move forward if only I knew which way to go….which way my heart needs to go.

I hate not knowing what is next.


One thought on “Dear God, I need a buoy. Thank you. Love, Me

  1. Take heart my dear friend…I empathize and know how you feel and where you are coming from. Many times we would gladly move forward if only we knew how/where, but still others refuse to move though their path is unencumbered. All you can do is pray and turn to God use your spiritual gifts and your level head. Lean on those around you I can promise you’ll have support…Always 🙂

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