The grand aunt

We just heard the news today: my nephew is going to be a dad.  At age 18.

And that makes me a grand aunt.  At age 30.

“That’s incredible,” I kept saying over and over as The General and I were driving on our way out for some errands.  “Stupid kids,” replied The General.

The situation isn’t ideal – but is it ever?  My nephew, David, graduated high school last June.  He’s in a technical college right now for some networking gig?  I’m not even sure.  For reasons I will not explain here, he doesn’t live at home, but with my in-laws in a dreary part of The Great White North.  We thought it was his girlfriend of a couple years – whom I met and like (even though she’s a bit of a brat, I’m told).  It turns out it’s not her — but her cousin!  Oh snap!  It’s like a soap opera.  I didn’t even know they broke up.

The story gets better: she’s 2 months along and it’s twins.  The doctors are saying 1 of the twins is not growing as fast as the other one, so there is a chance one might not make it.  Twins.  Amazing.  I certainly hope it’s a boy — call me crazy — but it will keep the family line going.  It ends with my husband.

I only met my grand aunts a couple of times on my mom’s side; one of whom I never met because there was a lot of bad blood between her and my grandfather.  My dad’s side is so old, I think most were dead by the time I was a teenager.  I never officially met any of them.

I do have the wedding pictures of my great grand aunts (my great grandfather’s sisters), Alma and Lydia from about 100 years ago.  I found their descendants: Alma’s only son is dead, while Lydia’s grandchildren live in my mom’s hometown.

Since I can’t have kids, I always said I wanted to be a grand aunt and in time, hopefully my grand niece/nephew would take an interest in genealogy and display wedding pictures of me in their house a century later.  Now that my sitting room is almost complete, I think it’s high time I framed the pictures and put them on the wall.

This is Alma and Walter, 17 April 1913

This is Lydia and Fred (Alma’s older sister), 17 May 1911


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