I found her Facebook profile, David’s girlfriend.  They’ve been together 2 months.  Ironically, the length of this pregnancy.  Maybe not so ironic.  I’m not one to talk.

Let’s call her Sheba.  I like to go Biblical with my pseudonyms for family.

The irony goes further: on her profile she writes under religion, “Religion doesn’t even exist.”  After some conversations with my nephew last time I was up north, he commented that there is no God, it’s all a bunch of made up myths.

I’m going to make it a point to pray for them.  Not only because they’re young and about to be parents, but because they don’t know the Lord or even acknowledge Him.  I pray the Lord will make Himself known to them.  I often pray for my Buddhist friend who is struggling with infertility that the child they will conceive (hopefully soon), will bring them to Lord.  Whether than child accepts Jesus and bring it home to them or they come into a situation where an encounter with the Lord is life changing, a la Saul.

After all, God doesn’t believe in atheists.

So much prayer ahead….


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