Rebels with a cookout and an enchanting bike ride all while getting depth charged at the Academy Awards (or otherwise entitled, My weekend with my General)

The weekend  was fun – we did a lot of cool stuff.  We started out with a Civil War battle re-enactment complete with muskets and cannons, which is always a good time since we’re bigger Civil War buffs than most.  Afterwards, we spent the evening at Kris and Pat’s for a cook out with cheese-stuffed burgers on the grill and s’mores over a mini campfire in a trailer park.  The company, the food, the fun — it was perfection.

Today we skipped church in favor of a 10 mile bike ride that was slightly surreal through a desolate trail we’d never done before.  It was a blast – we even saw a blue heron (my husband’s totum).  We bummed around for the afternoon before we settled into a crockpot of BBQ chicken with a good movie — “The Boat.”  It was a movie in German — also known as the submarine flick from the year my birth, “Das Boot.”  I figured out I was in pre-production when the film was in post-production from the DVD insert.

We blew our receiver with one of the depth charge scenes.  Silly British and our receivers.  Voldemort killed our 1st one going after Harry Potter. Luckily, this one was able to recover with a full powerdown.  Denon is apparently weak against dark magic, but can withstand TNT.

We had it in original German with English subtitles.  I still can’t understand what they’re saying: it is just mutter and I can only make out the numbers.  I hope I won’t be giving submarine depth commands in Germany. My dad would be jealous.

Then, I watched the Academy Awards in the best way possible: on the couch with my Katie (a rather large calico) snuggled up to my head (this never ever happens) and my General snuggling/sleeping on my chest.

<insert happy sigh here>

While I love Billy Crystal and think he did a fantastic job (as did the presenters), I felt the set/show was a bit flat.  Something was missing.  It just didn’t have that pizzazz that it usually does.

It was a good weekend indeed, but I’m ready for the warm weather.  I’m craving a warm beach day: the blahs of winter are setting in.  I’m excited for spring.  Mad Men.  To not feel like myself again – steroids are not fun anymore (The General likes how I’ve “filled out my jeans.”  I’m still trying to figure out how that is a good thing).

Til then, onto the next.


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