Today has the potential to be huge.  It has also has the potential to shrug and walk away.

Today we are going to check out a new church.  It’s a recently formed church and it just so happens to be walking distance from our house.  Our current church is on the other side of the county.  It just sort of happened.  Awhile ago, I was thinking about leaving my current church because I just didn’t fit in.  It’s a hipster church – it’s where all the cool kids go – and if middle school/high school taught me anything, it was that I am not part of the cool crowd.  I recognized this while I was bouncing for the nursery: I was passed over in conversations by both women and men (“Why are you talking to me if you don’t know my wife?” looks).  My want to leave current church has nothing to do with doctrine; it has everything to do with the social aspect.  I love my multigenerational small group (okay, so it’s all baby boomers with 1 Gen X and me, the Gen Y), but that too has its limitations.  Most are divorced.  I wouldn’t call any of them to “hang out” one night; although they have an amazing perspective on life because all have traveled such different roads.

So enter new church.  We actually got a thing in the mail about it and I just breezed right over it.  Last week we were invited to a new church service downtown, but after some internet sleuthing, I found that our beliefs to not line up with this particular denomination.  I’m all about straight non-denom Christian.  I went for a run last Sunday and randomly passed this church.  With gas prices the way they are and my want for another setting, we decided to check out this church and see what it’s all about.

Stay tuned!


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