So… went well.

The church meets in a building I’ve gone past 100 times, but never actually went inside.  I was blown away by the sheer architecture of the building.  Did I mention I’m easily amused?

This is also a hipster church – I’m still warming up to how I officially feel about it – but so far so good, minus a video which included some seriously major cheese.  I liked how the guy who warmly greeted us at the door had sleeves (that’s tattoos from shoulder to wrist) and an eyebrow piercing.  So much for avoiding the hipster churches.

There were about 30 people in the congregation this morning. “This is the smallest church I’ve ever been to,” exclaimed The General.  Outside of the coffeehouse service I attended in NOLA circa 2001, this was also the smallest I’ve ever encountered.  It was nice.  People spoke to us.  It was intimate.  People shouted “Amen!” and they really hit it home on their message.  It’s not a Pentecostal type worship, but they encourage you to worship however you feel the Spirit leading you.  Everything they said could be backed by Scripture (yay!) and they’re against the prosperity gospel (wealth = you’re blessed from God; poor = not blessed).  Major kudos.  It’s far from traditional,  the Southern Baptist in me sometimes freaks.  I compare everything to Pastor Richard and the church of my youth after I left the Catholic church — it’s not the same, but they’re teaching out of the same Book.

<insert techie rant>  Oddities included LCD parcans/broads.  If you don’t know what a parcan or broad is, just ignore this.  It’s a great way around having a dimmer rack,  I must say!  They had in-ear monitors, though, and a decent mixing board with people who balanced the sound nicely in the small venue.  <end techie rant>

We’ll go back.  I think I need to warm up the situation, as I am with everything else.  The General is ready to volunteer and get involved.  Whoa!  He’s excited to go back.

I will say this: I totally felt the Holy Spirit at the service today.  I just need time to take it all in and process it.  Us introverts need our space.

I’m excited to see where this will go.  While our old church is still very awesome, it’s been since Illinois since I’ve felt part of a church family….that’s…..2005?  Too long.  Lots of prayer and an open heart and mind.


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