Holy Saturday, Batman!

Today I read the Gospels take on Jesus’s burial.  Mark’s take really struck me, and I believe it was because it spoke of what else was going on: Pilate marveled he was already dead.  He was surprised.  He even got a soldier to come over and confirm it.  What a random thing to put in there!

Maybe it’s my love for adventure novels (I’m looking at you, Mr. Cussler), but I am always curious to know what else is going on at a major event.  Who else was involved?  What did they think?  What did they do?  While it’s not recorded in the Bible, I can’t help but wonder.

What was going through the mind and heart of Peter and the disciples on that Sabbath day?  I don’t think it was restful – physically or spiritually.  What did they say to each other?  Did they say anything?  Or did the look in their eyes  tell their companions everything – which was echoed in theirs?

What was going through Pilate’s mind?  Did he ever come to know that Jesus was the Lord?  Did he repent?  He had his part in the Easter story – a story that continues through all time.  Did he just shrug it off as some weird Jewish mystic that caused some ruckus during that one feast that one time?  Did his life change after this?

As a people pleaser, I can understand why Pilate did what he did.  And I understand that Jesus had to die as the sacrificial lamb – just like the 1st Passover in Egypt.

When I get to heaven, this is the 2nd question I’m going to ask.  The 1st is the whole story about JFK.

As a friend posted on Facebook: Sunday’s coming.


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