4 years and counting…..

This past week, we celebrated 4 years of marriage.  Pretty freakin’ awesome.

To celebrate, we went kayaking at Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro, NC.  We went on a guided tour through the marshes — something this midwestern transplant hadn’t done before.  After the kayaking, we took the ferry to Bear Island.  Because it was early in the season and the weather was a bit dismal that day, we had the place to ourselves.  We managed to catch some waves on boogie boards and run in between the raindrops.

The best part was finding my favorite animal, coquina.  They are these little colorful clams that burrow where the sea meets the sand.  In the 6 years I’ve lived here, I’ve only seen this twice: tide pools where thousands of coquina collect.  It’s quite a sight.  I spent a lot of time trying to photograph these little guys.  Here’s what I was able to get:

The close-up of the clams open is my new all-time favorite.  It’s currently the background on my computer.  I got a picture of The General picking them up by the handfuls (the tattoo is a silhouette of a heron, his totem).


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