My Katie

Katie Scarlett, 42 in feline years, passed away unexpectedly on 18 May 2012.  She was born sometime in or around October 2006 to unknown parents in the Wilmington, North Carolina area.  On St. Patrick’s Day 2007, she came home to The General and Wife, after being adopted through an agency for kitties.

Katie was best known for being a fuss budget, her sensational appetite, and her soft little kitty snores that often accompanied naps.  She was often referred to as a garbage disposal because of the grumbling sound she would make when other cats/dogs were in her territory.  She had a fondness of catnip fresh from the plant, open tuna cans (The General always shared), and laser pointer lights.

She leaves behind her humans, The General and The General’s Wife; special friend Captain Rhett Buttler (brown tabby), several fish, and many silly memories from over the years.  She is interred in the backyard of the house.  A Katie Garden will be made in her honor around her grave among the long leaf pines and turkey oaks.

While she never caught a squirrel in her earthly life, one can only hope she is chasing (and catching!) squirrels off the Lord’s back porch.

I sure am going to miss that cat.

Bis dann, Katze.


Katie and I taking a Sunday afternoon nap, circa 2008.


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