How does your garden grow?

My One Word this year is “grow” — or rather wachsen, which means “to grow” in German.

And grow it has!

After putting it off for the past several years, we decided to grow a garden.  Our 1st 2 attempts were not…..shall I say, fruitful?  This time we did it right: compost, actual dirt, a system to keep the dirt in place — basic stuff.  That part of the Bible that says, “Do not build your house on sand” (Matt 7:26) – they meant it.  All your nutrients/dirt/plants/dreams will eventually be swallowed up by the ever shifting sands, as I learned a couple of years ago the hard way.

Up front we have our “tomato box” filled with what I believe are cherry tomatoes.  In the back we’re growing green peppers, basil, radishes (we’ve made so many so far we’re giving them away!), spinach, and zucchini.  The zucchini is inhibiting our spinach growth by hoarding the sunlight.  Because we used our compost, we’ve had some random plants growing spontaneously.  The one we’ve allowed to grow is a vine and we’re not sure what it is.  The General and I have a $10 bet on it.  I say it’s a watermelon.  He thinks it’s some sort of squash.  (If it does not fruit to the point  where we can tell what it is, all bets are off).  Whatever it is, it is taking over valuable real estate, so we guided it to grow out into the yard.

Speaking of watermelons, I have some growing in a pot on my deck.  All the seeds germinated (!!!!!), so now I have to figure out where I’m going to replant some of them.  Last time I grew watermelons it was right before I left for college and I had a couple dozen of them.

Because we have squirrels that love to mess with our plants, we put bird netting over our garden and it’s held down by staples and the square wood poles.  It’s worked out wonderfully.  The only problem I’ve had with the bird netting were the snakes that kept getting themselves tangled in it.  I had to cut out a corn snake who got himself wedged in there pretty well.  Once we trimmed the excess netting, no more snakes have been harmed.  I’d much rather have a snake problem than a rodent problem.

And so it grows: I can feel the sands of change across my life as I’m trying to grow in this sandy compost mix of dirt I find myself in.  I have no idea where the Lord is leading me or what’s going to happen next.  In some ways, I love the adventure.  Other times, I want an outline.

I wish I could talk to myself in the future.  What will the future me think of what is going on now?


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