Meet Stonewall Jackson

Since Katie’s passing, The General and I have discussed getting another kitten.  We want Rhett to have a buddy and we figured it would be easier to bring another kitty into the fold sooner than later — before he readjusted to being the only house cat.

Since I picked out Rhett and Katie, it was up to The General to pick out the new kitten.  We were determined to get our favorite breed: rescued.  We went to several shelters in Wilmington before we stumbled upon this sweet kitten:


He was only 8 weeks old.  He was abandoned and bottle fed his entire life so he’s just a ball of love and cuddles.  And action.  It’s like living with a piranha that attacks your feet.  Everything is a game.  But when he finally tires himself out and falls asleep in your lap – ah, now that’s love.  He’s my favorite napping buddy.

We named him Stonewall to keep up with our Civil War names.  With Captain Rhett Butler, we figured we needed another general to even the playing field.  His namesake, Stonewall Jackson, was General Robert E. Lee’s right hand man (until he died from an infection after a friendly fire gun shot wound near where The General’s sister now lives).  And of course this kitty is in gray.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Outside of chasing anything that moves or may move, he’s got quite a gas problem and it’s amusing on how something that tiny can clear a room.  Rhett is adjusting well.  The hisses have become less frequently in the past few weeks and I often see them sitting in the sun together.  Stonewall keeps trying to play tag with Rhett.  Rhett is not amused.  He’s got the stink eye stare down and it’s really funny to see Stonewall cower at his glare.

As the only girl in the family now, I’m loving having all my boys.  Especially when all 3 of them pile into bed with me.



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