An answer to a prayer

It’s really nifty how the crucible I’ve been in for the past couple of years has turned fruitful.  The furnace that I found myself working in turned out it was only refining me, not trying to burn me down.

I got a new job. <insert jumping up and down here>

I found this job on a whim as I was perusing local establishments that would employ people such as myself.  I emailed my resume and they requested an interview; they were calling my references within hours of my interview that I felt I did fairly well.  The job is a trade-off: Less $, better hours, less stress, better life (whereas now I have decent $, meh hours, lots of stress, and a not so good life).  And the real kicker: it’s a 9-5 job.  Never EVER worked a 9-5 job before.  I’ve worked on call, 2nd shift, 3rd shift, hybrids of everything —- but never normal people hours.  I’m 30 and I’m just now feeling like I’m a real adult.  It’s a niche of my profession, that I will confess, is not my strong suit.  It’s always been a struggle for me, but in the past year or so, I’ve gotten really good at this particular task simply because there was no one else to rely on: it was sink or swim.  And I swam.  I’m still not the best (read: The General), but I can hold my own on days when I’m feeling confident – anxiety still gets the best of me sometimes.  Of course, I’ll be trained and the people I’m working with have been doing this for quite some time so I’ll have back up!

What does this mean?  Dawn patrol — or, rather surfing at sunrise.  I love watching the sunrise when I worked nights — I’d keep the same schedule on my days off.  And now all my running and surfing will have to be done during the week in the wee hours of the morning. It won’t be so bad — at least until winter hits — and then I’ll truly become a fair weather surfer.

I am starting my last week with my current employer – they were all shocked I was leaving!  I was shocked they were shocked, but then I realized they don’t have access to my inner monologue.  Or my blog, for that matter.  For being a techie, I’m a good actress apparently.  Even now, to both old and new workplaces, I keep saying, “I need a change, I need to go in a different direction in my career.”  Keepin’ it positive.  Heh.

And so, on to the next.


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