Now that I am going to be home to do this thing called “dinner” (did I spell it right?), I’ve been racking my brain for ideas on what to make.  Seeing as how I just learned how to boil water within the past couple of years, I’m no where near the mad skillz my husband has in the kitchen.

I randomly googled “what should I make for dinner?” and this website popped up.  AMAZING!  It’s all healthy, cheap, and no weird ingredients.   I hate finding awesome recipes only to see it needs something that doesn’t exist in this hemisphere.  Or a food I’ve never heard of in my life.  Or one that costs $30/pound.

Tonight I made this.  And it rocked.  OMG.  I impressed myself.

I made this a few weeks ago.  It didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked; the pineapple seemed a bit mushy, but I’m hoping to try it again with pineapple chunks instead.  Taste was spot on, though.

I signed up with the website which allows me to save my favorite recipes AND it has a feature on it where it will tell me what’s on sale at my local grocery store.  Score!

I will continue to shop like a German: I only buy what I need for the day.



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