The Good Life

I would just like to state that I love my new job.

While I am performing many of the same functions as I did with my former employer, it is in a vastly different environment.  For example:

  • I have not once slammed down the phone and said the F word.
  • I am doing about 1/32 of the work that I used to be doing.  This is not a complaint, it is merely an observation (now I understand the pay decrease).
  • My co-workers (all women) have yet to throw any knives in each other’s back.  Actually, quite the opposite: they compliment someone’s character/work ethic when they’re not in the room.

I must admit I am liking this change.  I’m slowly getting used to “normal people stuff.”  I haven’t had a schedule like this since high school, so it’s really throwing me for a loop.  My sleeping patterns are almost to where they need to be.  I was a zombie for 1st few days.  One cannot go to bed at 0200 when one must be awake and function (and is no longer a college student) at 0600.  The General and I have played tennis – lots of fun – and it’s been great.  Dinner together – in our kitchen! – that wasn’t planned in advance.  It’s pretty sweet.  I miss my morning catching waves, but tonight I headed down to KB, hoping to beat the high tide.  No dice.  It was really odd to face the horizon and have the sun in my eyes, though. (An older gentleman saw me walking onto the beach with my board and he shook his head.  “You should have been here 2 hours ago!”  “I know,” I sighed.)

The new schedule has it’s sweet parts too:  I wake up about 45 minutes early to have my quiet time with the Lord.  My devo, Bible, and Bibel — an English Bible and a German Bible.  I’m starting to be able to read scripture in German – most of the time I have to cross reference it with my English one so I know what’s being said.  The scripture the Lord puts on my heart, I write in my journal.  The past few days I’ve written it in German — sometimes with an English translation if it’s difficult vocabulary.  I’ve decided to buy a German/English parallel Bible next month.  Very excited about having the verses in both languages side by side!

My favorite part of the German bible?  Germans have 2 tenses: formal and informal.  You use formal to show reverence, people who are above you, strangers, elders — it basically shows respect.  There is also the informal, which you use among family, friends, and members of the opposite sex if you’ve kissed them!  Every time the Disciples speak to Jesus or He speaks to them, it’s in the informal form.  It makes my heart smile.  He truly is personal and our Heavenly Father.  How beautiful is that?

So, as far as I can tell, this job change has been such a Godsend, coupled with the fact that I have less stress…..amazing.  Life is good.


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