Trips in the Fall — the adventurous part begins

Louisville, Kentucky.  Dublin, Ireland.  Berlin, Germany.

Such very different cities – each with their own flavor – and I am going to visit them all within the next month.  The gypsy gene sequence has been activated.

(Or as my husband prefers to call it, St. Louis.  This former midwesterner groans every time he says it.  I’m not much of a fan of STL, but seriously, it’s not even close.  I-64 doesn’t count).  One of my best friends from my university days – Alice – is getting married and I am super excited to return.  The last time I was in that city was during The Big Drive from Illinois to Wilmington – Alice was kind enough to let me crash on her dorm floor.  This time, however, I’m staying in style: found a great hotel room and booked a surprisingly cheap car.  Just like in the past, I will be traveling solo on this adventure.  Despite this, I am looking forward to exploring what the city has to offer –  I always seem to find a fun adventure.  If all goes well, I’m going to meet up with an old traveling buddy who I haven’t seen since they left for the airport 8 years ago – who just happens to be Alice’s brother (the 3 of us toured England)!  It’s going to be great – and worse case scenario, I’m stuck in a gorgeous hotel room.

Dublin, Ireland
Every few years or so, the General and I like to hop across the pond and backpack Europe.  Our true destination this time around is Berlin, but because I found some super cheap airfare via Dublin, we’re stopping here.  The General is part Irish, so we’re both returning to our ancestral homelands.  We’re staying here for 48 hours upon arrival and then we’re staying 3 days on the way back.  We were going to do a tour through a tour company to see the rest of Ireland, but after reading some bad reviews, I figured why bother?  Let’s rent a car and tour ourselves.  We’re seasoned travelers who have surprisingly low standards for accommodations.  It’s only 2 days.  How much trouble could we get in 2 days time?  Probably not enough to have our pictures at Scottland Yard.  But seeing as how they only have manual transmissions over there in cars (music to my ears!!!), they drive on the other side of the road, which means the gearshift is on my left.  I’m not sure how that’s going to work out, but I’m going to find out!

Berlin, Germany
Since October, I’ve started learning the German language for this trip.  I am super excited to go back to Germany and submerse myself in German culture and even try to speak to a few natives!  Despite it’s dark past, it’s quite a cosmopolitan city with  so much to see and do!  And as a Prussian descendent, I’m also quite curious to see what is left from that era.  Maybe I can find some family information!?  We plan to go all about the city, hitting the major tourist sights as well as finding some gems off the beaten path, as we do.


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