This is The General’s Wife calling, are we reaching Mr. Waters?

One of the most amazing experiences of my summer (quite possibly life!) was cashing in on my Christmas present from the General: front row seats in a VIP package to see Roger Waters live, performing the ENTIRE album of The Wall. OH. MY. GOD.  The 18 year old in me was freaking out!

For those of who have no idea who Roger Waters is, he is one of the founders/singers of Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands.

The concert experience itself was crazy!  The guy sitting next to me was DOD.  I used 10 strips of body tape to secure my shirt so it wouldn’t fly open.  There was a kid in front of us who had to be about 14 years old who was just rocking out.  The General and I were amused to see him so into the music and jumping up and down.  Heck, I wasn’t even born when the album dropped. And then there was Roger himself!  I started screaming when he came onstage with everyone else in the arena.  It didn’t matter that the man was 69 years old – Roger Waters could still rock!  And, he ::ahem:: dresses right, apparently.  Yup, we were that close.

The album is a bit autobiographical for Roger (he never met his father who died in WWII) – and during the intermission, the entire wall (which spanned the entire stage, blocking the band; the 2nd half was done on the thrust of the stage) turned into a projection screen with photos of soldiers who died on the frontlines from The Spanish American War (late 1800’s) to present day America in Afghanistan – with a blurb about who it was, what they did, and how they died.  They had been submitted by random people around the world for the concert – it was really deep and very moving.  Because of this wall business, one of my favorite songs, “Hey You,” was performed from behind the wall – which I will admit was great choreographing considering the lyrics, but alas, I could not see the band nor Mr. Waters.

The music was better than magnificent!  I’ve never been so spellbound — and yes, they built a wall as the album progressed.  It was freakin’ awesome.  I will never listen to that album the same ever again.  It’s a moment in time I will never forget.  And I wish I had my real camera with me instead of my antiquated cellphone — but here are some shots – of course, I had to get some pictures of their rig!


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