Past Blasted

I totally just got past blasted.  It was so out of no where that I actually burst out laughing hysterically.  I’ll explain.

As I was perusing Facebook this morning, a college friend posted she is at the airport that we will be at in the coming days for Europe.  I commented on her status, saying, “We’ll be there tomorrow, heading to Dublin!” And then, Lys’s (the not-so-awesome ex-boyfriend) wife commented, “Enjoy Dublin, [insert my 1st name here].  Can’t wait to see you [insert friend’s name here]!”

Um, what?

I cut off all contact with Lys many moons ago.  There are no feeling left, just shells of memories.  It just struck me odd that she’d say something – we’ve never met, but I’m sure she knows who I am.  Lys was eligible for dual citizenship through Ireland and the United States, so chances are they’ve been there.

The only reason I am laughing is because of the absurdity of it all – this is by no means a gateway to communication nor am I going to comment back.  I am just easily amused.

Sometimes I wish the internet wasn’t so entrenched in the past, present, and future all at once.



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