Eire/Schland aka Ireland/Germany

Now that my body is operating fully on Eastern Standard Time, here are the updates from my trip!  Because 2 weeks is a long time, it’s going to take me awhile to digest everything.  I would have blogged from the road, but internets were hard to come by.  We traveled sans phones because our phones were too old to be used overseas.  So we kicked it old school with maps and false starts: but it went well.  I am even more in love with my husband after this journey — which is good — considering we were together the entire time we were there.  We work really well together and this trip proved no different.

Because this is so expansive, I am going to break it up into small posts as I recall stuff so no one is completely bored with my drivel.

I will say this:  I miss Europe.  It’s been like 72 hours since I left and I’m already pining for when I can go again, which won’t be for quite some time.  I love the culture, the people, the food, the traditions — it’s so different from the USA.  I know this is a broad assumption on my part, but I feel that they have a better handle on things over there.  I know it isn’t so, but to me it is.

So here’s the journey….


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