Like ordering a beer in America, as I stated before, prostitution is legal in Germany.  And so, when walking along the main party street in Berlin (Oranienburger Straße ) one found many, many ladies of the night.

It is so very different from America prostitutes.  First, they were beautiful women, very thin – I’d say size 0 to 2 tops – but they looked to be a healthy weight.  They all had long hair – I wondered if it was real or fake.  Their make up was obvious, but very flattering at the same time.  Since it is so cold there, they had these little baby doll like jackets on, which showed off their cleavage and thick nylons on their legs with either little booty shorts or a leotard type bottom.  They all showed off their legs, which were perfect – very obvious they worked out.  Their shoes are what gave them away: incredibly high heels – the typical “hooker heels” as seen in America – clear plastic.  They’re really expensive.

And every 20 feet or so, one was standing there.  They did not approach you.  They did not make eye contact with you.  They just merely stood, checking their iPhones or staring off into the distance.  It was like they were there without really being there.  It was odd, to say the least.  And such a waste of beauty.


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