Die Essen (The Food)

OMG.  The food was amazing, I learned about so many different dishes!  I even bought a German cookbook (downside: it’s all in German and metric). Here are my favorites (and I have recipes!!!!):

– Currywurst

It’s pronounced “curry-verst” in German.  It’s a street food that is beyond amazing.  It is pork sausage with a tomato based sauce with spices and topped with curry powder.  Best part is the sausage is already sliced in pieces for you, so you can dig in right away with an itty bitty fork.  It’s usually served with french fries.  Nom.  Now I’m not much a sausage person, but this stuff really knocks it out of the park.  I ate it every chance I had.  It got to the point where The General was currywursted out.  “The wurst is yet to come,” I said with a smile.  As soon as I “dry out” from my meat bender and find a butcher in this beach town, I’m going to make this.

– Berliner Weisse

If it’s one thing the Germans get right, it’s beer.  I’m not much of a beer drinker, but our tour guide did recommend one beer that he said “was too sweet for him” – the Berliner Weisse.  I knew then I had to try it.  (I have a sweet tooth….in every tooth).  It’s a brand of beer I’m going to attempt to find here, Berliner Kindl (A slang southern German that translates as “Berlin Child.”)  It’s akin to Budweisser here, light and clear.  It’s then mixed with a sweet syrup that’s either grün (green) or rot (red).  Red was raspberry, green was apple — my favorite.  I’m about to order it online.  Because of America’s absolutely fantastic alcohol import laws, I am unable to find Berliner Kindl here; but it should be easy enough to find a replacement.


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