My new favorite thing

I joined Facebook back in 2008 simply because my college roommate had joined it — and after she reached motherhood — it was difficult to keep up in her world.  I figured this new social media thing would help that.  Well, she did it again.  I’ve noticed on her newsfeed this website called Songza.  Intrigued, I clicked on it.

As a faithful listener of Pandora, I like this one even better.  It’s all based on groupings of playlists and totally free.  No ads + crazy categories?!  Sign me up!  In addition to the normal genres/decades, they have classifications like “moods” and “activities” with such oddities as:

Coming down after a party
Cocktail party
Being creative
Lounging in a cool hotel
Walking through a city
Unwinding after work
Reading in a coffee shop
Sitting on a back porch
Romantic evening
Rainy day
Making out
Lying on a beach
Driving in the left lane
Formal dinner party

Once you click on one, a bunch of playlists spring up and you just choose one to your liking – you can skip songs, but not too many.  Out of skips?  Choose another playlist.  Not to mention they have entire playlists dedicated to a particular artist, too.  As an extra bonus, I downloaded the app to my phone and can stream this through the receiver via speakers in the living room.  It works great until my antique phone locks up every 2 songs.  I need an upgrade.

I’ve been feeling kinda blah lately and I think this is just the thing to get me back into the groove.


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