The Undecided

I have no clue (still!) who I am going to vote for in the upcoming election.

My political prowess is quite centric, although my track record leans Republican, I have voted Democratic before and have no problem doing so again.  So being the Libra that I am, I’m stuck between the 2 candidates.  I wasn’t going to make my decision until the debates – they usually clinch it for me as they’ve done in the past.

Except this time.

I agree with the pundits – Romney won the 1st (but was it only because Obama wasn’t on his game?), Obama won the 2nd, and as someone who enjoys plays on words, loved Obama’s zingers in the 3rd debate with phrases such as, “Well, we [the military] have less horses and bayonets, times have changed” and “The 1980’s called and want their foreign policy back.”  I burst out laughing.  And you know how I am with a guy who can make me laugh.

I will admit I like Romney’s approach to the budget.  Seriously, we do need a businessman in the White House, this spending is out of control.  Yes, things will have to go by the wayside – as they would in my own budget – if I were somehow making less income or had another expense change my financial outlook (twins?).  I won’t go into debt for cable — the government should use the same formula for extras.  I think Obama has a better foreign policy – Romney went to Europe and ticked off everyone.  That’s not good, Europe is our friend; how will he treat those who go out of their way to not be our friends?  Can’t they be co-Presidents?  I’d vote for that.  The General is better at many things I suck at and vice versa — we even each other out — can we do that in our political life too?  I’m also of the opinion that holding office should not be a career choice and I’ll often vote someone out of office just because they’ve been there for years.  Gah.  Stuck between my own thoughts.

All this back and forth – The General refuses to vote.  A friend of mine reminded me that Jesus is Lord and that the next President will not “save” the country and that my citizenship in the Kingdom of God is not of this world; I need to live like a child of God 1st and an American 2nd.  I like that.

I asked my little sister who she was voting for via text message (my sister is a RN with a BS and is slightly crazy, especially where rumplemintz is concerned).  Here’s our exchange:

Me: I forgot to ask: who r u voting for in the election?  I’m still undecided.
My sister:  OMG if u vote Obama…I’ll disown u…
My sister: j/k…but kinda
My sister: LOL
Me: Why?
My sister:  It will fuck us…b/c if he gets re-elected that universal health care is going to go in effect and I’ll be out of a job/get paid less than a teacher…look up universal health care it will change your mind…to get a doctor appointment takes up to 6 months or more…or if ur a certain age u will be denied chemo, etc…he will destroy the USA.
My sister:  Look up youtoons on health reform on youtube.  It will open ur eyes…it’s not long…like 5 minutes.

So I did.  It’s not 5 minutes, it’s 9.  It makes it simple and to avoid political rhetoric, it is produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation – as far as I know – and that’s not much – they’re not affiliated with either major party.  It makes it simple, very interesting.  Some of these changes have already started in health care and my sister and colleagues have pointed out.  Here’s the video, check it out and vote.


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