The reason the South will not rise again: basic physics

Even though I have been living here in the great state of North Carolina for 7 (7!) years now, for the 1st time today, I did something you can only do in the south.

I went to Bojangles.

For the uninitiated, it’s like KFC, but on steroids.  My GI tract is not a fan of fried food, and I try to learn towards the healthy side of life, so it’s been natural for me to avoid it.  Today, however, I did not bring my lunch to work and I’m on a crash diet of eating complete junk, so I figured, why not?

My lunch consisted of a fried leg, spicy fried breast, a really tasty biscuit, heavily-seasoned french fries and a side of slaw.  With water.

The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and had just enough kick to warrant ordering a sweet tea to blend the flavors, as my boss suggested.  Did I mention the really really really awesome biscuit?  I did?  Okay.  It was all really good, but despite that, I won’t be returning anytime soon.  It was way too heavy for my typical meals: I could maybe handle a breakfast biscuit from there in about 6 months.  I don’t crave fried stuff (except for the oreos from the State Fair) and it is really quite anti-bikini.

So the reason the South will not rise again is because it is too fat from eating at Bojangles.

I would also like to comment that in lieu of dinner tonight, I made myself a mocha (packet of SwissMiss hot chocolate + 1 cup of dark roast coffee = heaven in a cup), mainly because I am still too full from lunch.


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