From House Cat to Big Wild Cat

I’m a Mac person.  I love my iMac.  The only problem is that it was last updated in….2009.  See, I haven’t kept up with the upgrades because 1. I’m cheap and 2. For what I use my computer for, there was really no need for me to have the latest and greatest software.  And because of the amount of money it cost me, I decided this computer was going to last until the hard drive seized.

While my hard drive is still spinning merrily along, the world has changed.  The internet has changed.  The world has moved on.  I have an internet site I can’t access via Safari (my favorite internet browser) because it’s not compatible.  So I downloaded Firefox until it stopped working because I needed the upgrade.  I upgraded Firefox only to find that my OS can’t open the file, let alone run it.  That was about a year ago.  Even WordPress is being stubborn on some things and I have this sinking feeling it’s me, not them.

I’m too embarrassed to say what current feline form of Mac OS I’m running, but I’ll say this: I have to upgrade to Snow Leopard before I can upgrade to Mountain Lion; or in normal people words, I have to upgrade from House Cat to Feral Cat before I can download Big Wild Cat.  And as soon as I get the disk, I can start on my adventure of upgrading into current times.

I’m really looking forward to it.  I already chatted with a Mac dude on the website who assured me via my serial number that this ‘ol piece of hardware can indeed run Mountain Lion.  Everything important is backed up, so here’s to hoping it’ll run well with minimal problems. I’m a techie at heart, but sometimes this computer stuff goes way over my head.

I know the day will come sooner than later when I’ll have to get a new machine (this one is from 2007….), but until then, I am going to be one very happy camper in the near future, gettin’ my Mac on.


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