Pressured much

Today, I took the Pink Cadillac in for routine maintenance – which is code in my world for annual exam at the gynecologist.

(Okay, so there’s really no relation to the song by Bruce Springsteen, but still…..I have to admit, some of the lyrics do match up….heheheh)

All went well, except for that part where they take your blood pressure.  In the office mine was 143/98.  That’s what we call in the medical field “not good.”  So they took it again.  It went down to 138/92.  They took it manually with the same results.

Later, at work, they had a blood pressure cuff so I took it there (several hours post-appointment and lunch): 153/100.  The highest I’ve ever seen it.  Holy crap, I’m going to stroke out.

Now there could be a few reasons for this:

1.  I have white coat syndrome.  While I am part of the medical field, I’m not a real good patient because I don’t like being the patient.  My BP is usually high on any office visit; it’s always been this way.  My modesty went out the window with college, I could care less about getting naked and swabbed.  I’m very European-minded in terms of nudity.

2.  I might have some issues.  Like autoimmune stuff.  Autoimmune means your immune system, designed to destroy foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria, begins to destroy the good cells (i.e. me).  This is already evident in my thyroid (I have Hashimoto’s) and today I got blood drawn to check for lupus.  While I don’t demonstrate the typical symptoms of the disease, I do have some, such as Raynaud’s Syndrome, which has really gotten worse in the past few years.  I already know my ANA is going to be positive.  If it’s negative, I’ll be shocked.  Oh, and there’s no cure for autoimmune diseases, you treat the symptoms.  Many people live long lives with this, so I’m not afraid of dying prematurely because my immune system is having a mutiny.  But still, it’s not cool.

My brain was in overdrive for awhile.

I will say one thing: I saw a PA today.  I’m pretty sure I’m older than she was, but it was one of the most comprehensive visits I’ve had in awhile.  She asked hard questions and responded both kindly and professionally to my answers.  We discussed all sorts of non-vaginal related issues as well.  From one medical professional to another — wow, I will go back to see her, I was very impressed.

So now I sit back and wait to see what the blood tests show.  And here’s to hoping by body cooperates and my circulatory system calms down.

A quiet night of reading Clive Cussler (my favorite author of all time!) and watching TV shows from Germany await me.  As does a cup of decaffeinated tea.


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