Hair & nails

I was born a tomboy – the exact opposite of my sister.  High fashion, beauty maintenance, and the latest trends have never really appealed to me.  My idea of doing something with my hair was a pony tail – and still is.  I have memories of my mom chasing me around the house with a pair of tweezers trying to shape my caterpillar-like eyebrows when I was in high school.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  I didn’t care. (For the record, I now get them waxed every so often and I tweeze in between waxings).

I randomly decided I’m going to try out some “girly” things that I have not done previously because I have convinced myself I’m beyond these skills.  Granted, most girls conquered these skills before middle school, but what can I say?  I’m a late bloomer in so many facets:

I am going to learn how to paint my nails.
I am going to learn how to use a bobby pin to my advantage.

These 2 lofty goals are laughable to some, but to me, these are huge steps.  Currently, if I painted the nails on one hand and then had my 4 year old nephew paint on the other hand, and then had you judge who did what, there would be a moment of deliberation.  I’m really that bad. I attempted to paint my nails right before I went home to Thanksgiving — after they were dry, I had an itch on my leg — and smudged 3/5 of the nails.  I feel determined to get this simple skills right.  My mom always commented when I was younger that I paint my nails like I’m painting a board……apparently that’s not how you do it.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree, I survived a semester of Organic Chemistry, I think I can handle this.  So I tried it out last night with a fun purple color: not too bad.  For my 1st actual attempt at this,  I feel pretty accomplished.  No, I couldn’t open a nail salon, but still better than what I have done in the past.



Bobby pins on the other hand, are quite the opposite.  I can never get those things to stay in my hair without the use of a professional hair stylist.  I want to pull off the faux bob, and my 1st attempt was laughable at best.  I’m going to keep trying.  And failing.  I also need to learn how to french braid.  I tried to teach myself, and that didn’t work either.  Hopefully by the time I’m 35 (that’s 3 years, folks), I’ll have mastered all these techniques.


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