His Words

I love how you can read something in the Bible 100 times, but at certain moments in life, those words suddenly take on a new meaning.  That happened to me the other day.

I’ve still been struggling with anxiety, it’s better controlled that what it was, but it’s still an effort on my part to keep it in check.  It hasn’t gotten to the point where I need to seek help for it – yet – but I am willing to do that if this keeps up.

The verse came out of Proverbs 31 — you know, the passage that describes the most amazing godly woman/wife.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” (Proverbs 31:25)

A godly woman should “laugh at the days to come.”  Why?  Because the Lord is taking care of it.  She’s not concerning herself with it because her strength and dignity come from Him.  It covers her, like clothes.  I don’t always feel very strong or dignified, and honestly, I fret at the days to come — especially at work — did I do this right?  Should I have done this instead?  What if I didn’t catch something I needed to…..blah blah blah.  It’s quite exhausting, really.  And as a Christian woman, I need to change my internal dialogue to giving it to the Lord and resting in Him.

Continuing with my German reading, I was further amused to see the German translation of this verse:

“Kraft und Schoene sind ihr Gewand, und sie lacht des kommenden Tages.”
“Power and beauty are her garb, and she laughs of the coming days.”

In English, it says she “can laugh” – like it’s a choice whether to laugh or not.  In German, it’s present tense and active: she laughs.  Sometimes German speaks so much more emotion than we can ever fit into English translations!

I also appreciated God’s Word translation:
“She dresses with strength and nobility, she smiles at the future.”

I, too, smile towards the future.  What will it bring?  God’s promises, that I’m sure of.  His plans are better than mine.  Come what may, I have the Lord to uphold me.

In the meantime, I’m going out shopping today.  I need to find some strength, dignity, power, beauty, and nobility to wear.


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