Summertime Reads

I decided, randomly, last night that this summer – if it ever arrives – I am going to read a lot.  I have a huge reading list and I think it’s time that I bought a Kindle.  Nothing fancy, mind you, I’m looking at the base model. I don’t want to be responsible for a $300+ piece of electronic equipment when I’m out on an adventure or at the beach.

Right now, I am reading through the series “A Song of Fire and Ice” — better known as The Game of Thrones books.  The General and I watched the 1st season last winter and were hooked: for Xmas, I bought him the 1st 4 books in the series.  Just like every other TV/movie/mini-series, the books are way better than what’s on film.  And HBO takes some serious poetic licensing with the sexuality on the show; the books, which include sex, is more of a sentence to get the reader to understand what’s going on: it’s not detailed and gratuitous.  I blew through 600+ pages in a month simply because his writing pulls you into the story line and the characters are so deep and flawed – a lot like how Mad Men is written.  Ah….where was I going with that?  Yes, my summer reading list (once I get through the next couple of Game of Thrones books):

  • Clive Cussler.  He’s my favorite author of all time: I ❤ Dirk Pitt (an adventurer of modern day marine pursuits) and Issac Bell (a detective for the Van Dorn Detective Agency, circa 1910).  Bonus: My father-in-law is a huge fan as well.  There’s some new novels out I haven’t cracked yet.
  • Ernest Hemingway.  Ever since I toured his house in Key West, I have been curious to see what his books are like and see some of the old movies of them as well.  I’ve never read anything by him before.  I nearly bought a book of his translated in German, but it was a $20 paperback.
  • German books.  I found a few “learn German by reading adventure stories” books that have intrigued me.  It’s worth a try.
  • Alister MacLean.  My high school sweetheart turned me onto him.  I have his collection of sea-faring short stories (The Lonely Sea) in my beach bag – it never leaves.  My favorite is still “St. George and the Dragon.”  I chuckle every time I read it.  The Black Shrike, a novel, is also one of my favorite; it’s mind blowing.  He writes twists on top of turns in terms of story lines.

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction simply because my job is so cerebral.  I need some brain candy.  I do enjoy the occasional Christian life book as well.

And I’m open to suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Summertime Reads

  1. I read some non-fiction but I much prefer the fun of fiction. Like you, I just want some fun after the crazy reality that is my everyday life. You have an interesting selection of books. Enjoy!

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