The Mojito Garden

A few weekends ago, I learned that I can make a mean mojito.  So, inspired by my 2 large patches of mint out front, I started a “mojito garden” – which basically means I planted a few varieties of mint outside my back porch.  Rumor has it these plants also repel bugs like ants and mosquitos – even better.  Once everything fills in a bit more, I’ll post a picture of it….right now it’s just a few plants that are struggling to make it.


Orange Mint

And I know – this is the cardinal sin of gardening.  “Wo to those who plant mint, for they lose their land.”  Mint is a bit like a 2 year old child.  And by planting said mint in the fashion I did, is like giving the 2 year old everything it wants when it wants it — aww, it’s cute at 1st, but then that 2 year old gets older….and you have a brat of epic proportions on your hands.  Give mint a inch, it’ll take over the next quarter mile….but with it in my sandy soil and lighting conditions from my yard of long leaf pines, I do have a bit of room for it to wander…..I think it’ll be okay.  I’ll have to cull the herd in a few years…..or have a mojito party for the whole neighborhood.

Currently, I have 3 varieties of mint growing:
* Spearmint (straight up, unadulterated mint)
* Chocolate mint (it smells heavenly)
* Citrus “Orange” mint (think mint and an orange had a love child)

They work amazing in a mojito….or tea.  When I bought the mint at Home Depot, the lady at the register said if I were to boil the mint in water on a stove with cinnamon sticks, it would make the house smell heavenly.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon!

Here’s my secret recipe for the mojitos, compliments of the International Bartenders Association:
((you can make them virgin, just omit the rum – it won’t change the taste))

The General’s Wife Mojito via IBA
~1 shot of rum
1 shot of lime juice (I used store bought lime juice, but I plan on juicing some limes next time)
~7 mint leaves, any variety
1 tsp white sugar
sparkling water or soda water

Muddle (bruise) mint leaves in the lime juice in a tall glass – I used a wooden spoon.  Add sugar.  Stir.  Add rum.  Top with soda water (I also add ice).  Serve.

It’s perfect for a summer afternoon.  So refreshing and bikini friendly!


3 thoughts on “The Mojito Garden

  1. I love minted lemonade. 1 C sugar. 1 C lemon juice. Add enough water to fill a 2 quart pitcher. Take 2-3 sprigs on mint, muddle and throw in the lemonade. SO good.

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