Divine moment at the gas station

I ran out to Wal-Mart early this morning to grab birthday cards for my nephew (he’s 21!), sister-in-law, and my sister.  You see, I had to get these in the mail yesterday.

On my way in, I realized I was out of gas.  I stopped at the gas station and went through the digital menu with my credit card: Zip Code: Sure. Receipt? No.  Car Wash?  No.  Having a good day? Yes.

I started day dreaming and ended up filling up the entire tank, I usually stop at a dollar amount unless I’m roadtripping.  I docked the nozzle, assembled my gas cap, and looked at the screen.

Wait a moment.

So I waited.  I waited some more.  It was a long moment.

I hit clear.  The screen flashed blank and then it appeared again: wait a moment.

I was in a stubborn mood this morning, so I decided to call the pump computer’s bluff.  I stood there, leaned against my car, arms crossed and waited.  I wasn’t leaving until I had confirmation all went through.  I really don’t like having cops after me.

“Really, Lord?  Really?”  I asked.  I’m standing here having a staring contest with a gas pump, the most unproductive thing I think I’ve ever done.  “What is it?  Is there a penny?”

The Lord leaves me pennies, I find them in the most random places.  They’re physical tokens He is there for me and it even has “In God We Trust” stamped right on it.  I looked around the pump and didn’t see one.  Sighing, I gave in, the pump won.  I walked around to the driver’s side to get my keys and alert the attendant that this pump was locked up.

Right outside my car door was a penny.  Shiny.  1987.

I picked up it, smiling.  I looked over at the gas pump. “Thank you, come again,” it said as it flashed back to the main menu.


Wait a moment.  In God We Trust.  This spoke volumes to my heart this morning.


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