Chopping the coaxial

Now that I have returned to regularly scheduled updates, I’ll have to tell you about our latest adventure: we cut the cord on cable.

It’s not that I hate Time Warner Cable – I understand they’re in the business to make money and us Americans will pay out the nose for TV.  Our cable bill, mind you we have decently fast internet and basic non-digital cable (read: no box), was $112 per month and all of sudden it jumped to $140.

Why the jump?  Our contract expired.  Nice way to let us know.

We could re-up and start paying the old price, but the more we started talking about it, the more we considered canceling our cable altogether.  We watch only a handful channels on it – more when there’s a good football game on.  The past year or so more and more stations have been cut from our lineup because they belong to the digital cable tier, which would cost us upwards of $160 per month.  That’s not happening; just like we didn’t get a rebate on fewer channels.

So The General went out to Best Buy and bought a fancy antennae that now graces the table in our living room.  We tried it out and we get a decent amount of channels.  We were pleased.  This will mark the first time in my adult life that I did not have cable.  I grew up with 5 channels that came in clearly (my parents refused to get cable and still don’t have it), so this is not completely new territory for me.  We are, however, keeping our internet, but getting a slow speed.

While I will miss some stations, I find myself getting slightly excited about watching Perry Mason and Highway to Heaven again and perhaps some late night talk shows.   But really, I think I will find myself reading more and watching German TV.  The $ we save will go towards another epic adventure.


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