This how we start the weekend in the Carolinas….


An empty container ship from Norway, making it’s way up the Cape Fear River to the port.


A funky picture of the ADM dock in the Cape Fear River.


If you look real close at the ripples in the water, you’ll see the head of an alligator!


Wastin’ away in Wilmington….searchin’ for my lost keys and a truck full of salt

I’m having one of those weeks where I lost my keys.

I have never in my life lost my keys for more than a few moments.  Thus far, they’ve been missing for 3 days.  My keyring is anything but ordinary – kinda like me – I use a carabiner made for rock climbing.  It’s huge and it will hold the weight of my car.  I’m hoping they turn up soon.

And then today, I lost my spare set of keys.  Ah, yes.  So I dug out my super secret spare keys, and I don’t believe this one has ever been inside of the ignition.   If this keeps up, I will not be able to start my car by the weekend.

Not that I could go far for that matter.  Icepocalypse 2, The Return of Solid Water has taken Wilmington by storm (oh the puns!).  Schools are cancelled across the region and my employer has placed us on a 3 hour delay.  I’m a bit excited about staying up late tonight.  I’ve already started with a good cuppa.

The ice snuck up on us this time, with freezing rain this afternoon.


I am not made for winter and neither is the long leaf pine.

This may not seem like much, but it has wreaked havoc here in the southland.  Being the resident Yankee at work, I had an ice scraper in my car, so I scrapped the last 3 cars left in the parking lot.  It took my boss an hour to get from Wilmington to Leland.  Luckily, it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago.  I must admit I love the excitement that comes with inclement weather; I say this as both a hurricane virgin and a homeowner.

So now all I need is for summer to arrive and to find those keys….and perhaps another cuppa.


Why is it that every night at work is a bad night?  I spent most of the night trying not to cry tears of frustration.  I run in circles, accomplishing nothing.  The computers AND the machines were out to get me tonight.  And as much as I hate to admit it, they won.  I actually stayed over to help catch up on another department’s work that our shift didn’t get to for the mere fact that I needed to calm down before I went home and exploded.  I can’t keep doing this.  I never smile anymore.  My blood pressure is through the roof.  I’m going to age prematurely at this rate, unless my adrenal gland detonates with all the F bombs.  Seriously, I never swear — it’s just at my job.  I even scaled back my schedule – working 5 days a week instead of 4 (less hours/day).  Today is Day #1 and already I can tell it’s not going to work too well either.

I haven’t even shot the picture for our annual Christmas card yet.  I plan to do that tomorrow.  I feel so far behind.

Having my family here was awesome — like all gatherings of my immediate family, there were a few skirmishes, but nothing terrible.  My Dad always finds a reason to re-wire a room in my house when he’s here and this time it was the kitchen.  He fixed our 3 way switch after much sighing and berating my husband for his lack of electrical knowledge (long story short: we switched out the switches in the kitchen for color reasons and they hadn’t worked right since.  Turns out we had the wrong kind of switch, it wasn’t The General’s fault [pun unintended]).  Meh.  We’re medical people and this concept seemed to evade my dad.  My mom fell on the stairs at the beach and hurt her knee quite badly, we’re thinking it’s a sprain, so she was laid up for the last day.

It’s no secret that my parents’ marriage is quite austere, to the point where it could be placed in the abusive/neglect category.  Like a Windows default, I’m programmed to stay silent during the verbal spars, as all through childhood.  I prayed when they came, if it became an abusive situation, that I would have the strength to say “STOP!”  There was only 1 conversation that was going down the road of verbal attack and I thank God He gave me words and actions.  I actually raised my voice to my father.  He got the message and stopped.  We changed the subject and all was well.  Hmph!  I will not take the kind of language in my house, especially towards someone I love.

Outside of that, it was a wonderful experience.

They spoiled us rotten.  My mom and I went to pick up a “few items” at the ABC store (it’s where us North Carolinians get hard liquor) and we bought out the liquor store.  I told my mom I actually want to remember this Thanksgiving — because we were going to float away with all the wine and spirits.  She was too kind.  And despite my alcohol fast (she didn’t know) and the amount we had, I was never drunk at any point.  My dad went to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Auto Zone to get stuff for my car and the house — again, spoiled beyond measure.  They picked up the tab when we went out, too.

My sister and her boyfriend were fun.  I haven’t spent days together with my sister in years so it was interesting to observe.  I didn’t feel much of a connection with her.  She suffers from severe bi-polar disorder.  She’s on a lot of meds (like a lot a lot), but the disease is ever present.  She was up.  She was down.  She was wired, she was sound asleep on the couch.  My sister is slightly immature on top of it, but smart as a whip.  Smarter than me: she did better in college than I did.  Her boyfriend was cool to hang out with.  He’s so even keeled – I showed him how to play Rumikube and he won.  It was interesting to watch them interact.  He’s got her number and knows how to reel her in.  He’s good for her.  She’s good for him.  They’re going to make beautiful babies someday.

You know the psychology stuff about you marry a version of your father?  Well, I turned that notion on it’s head.  I married my sister.  If you take the bi-polar away, my sister and The General are cut from the same cloth.  And it’s kinda freaky.

Our family adventures included walking around downtown Wilmington, walking on the pier at Carolina Beach, the rocks at Federal Point (my sis is obsessed with hermit crabs and was very amused by the ugly wild ones!), and the rocks at Fort Fisher.  I took a picture of everyone on the rocks and it looks like they were posing for an album cover.  Hilarious.  I would post it, but I can’t blur out everyone’s faces enough without losing the continuity of the picture.  We also hit up Enchanted Airlie at Airlie Gardens.  If you are in the Wilmington area, you have to check it out.  It’s so beautiful and we had a great time.

Oh!  I almost forgot the Turkey Day part!  Phenomenal.  Mom did not disappoint with the stuffing and grasshopper pie.  I brought the German roots by making a spaetzle casserole.   The General made the turkey and everyone raved about how moist and yummy it was.  Pat and Kris showed up with enough food to feed everyone for a few days.  I prayed a short prayer before dinner.  There was silence for about 5 minutes as we were all way too into the feast for conversation.  We watched the movies Fix and Zombieland.  It’s tradition: you watch movies completely inappropriate for the holidays.  Drug addiction and zombies – how more un-turkey can one get?

Overall?  It was awesome.  I loved having a houseful.  It’s kinda weird now that everyone left.  And I ate the last piece of stuffing today.  I need my mom back to make another pan of it.  And to polish off some left over wine while we make it.

I never felt the tug to stay on my alcohol fast — and while I don’t have the answers, I know who does.  And I am His.  And what will happen will happen.  And it will be for the glory of Him.  However it’s all suppose to turn out.

Sailing friendships

It’s official: my best friend from 5th grade (Pat) is moving to the Port City with her girlfriend, Kris.  They stayed with us over the weekend, securing an apartment and getting a transfer through work.  This was our 1st time meeting Kris and she was awesome.  She was one of those people that you feel like you’ve known for years when it’s just been a few days.  She and Pat make a great couple.  I really hope this works out in the long term for them.

How crazy is it that a childhood friend is moving to the town I’m in, 1,500 miles away?!  Although we’re so different now, the main friendship is still intact. While I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, we were close friends far before her sexuality changed – I don’t based my friendships on who they’re sleeping (or not) with.  I’m not one to lecture about sexual sin: I’m not sure if I’d be the pot or the kettle.

Nonetheless, I believe the Lord is bringing them to Wilmington for His glory.  In fact, while they were checking out Durham, their car was broken into with the passenger side window shattered.  They couldn’t get the window repaired until Monday evening, which required them to stick around for an extra, unplanned day.  That was the day they found the perfect apartment (near the beach!!!!) and got to rest before heading back into work/driving home.

I don’t think we’ll see them all the time, seeing as how they’re on the other side of town, but I’m excited to have a little bit of home here at my home.


“You can’t and you won’t and you don’t stop”

Shhhh.  I’m being a bad girl today.  It feels kinda good.  I totally called into work simply because it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. The General and I are heading out on a roadtrip tonight and wanted to leave mid-shift for me.  For fear of being stuck at work due to work load, I figured why not just take the day off?  I screwed my co-workers a bit……and I do feel bad about that…….but I’ve been there every day (plus extra time out of the kindness of my heart) for the last 4 months……so I rationalized it that way.  And I dreamt all night of patients who have a bad pancreas and all the fun that comes with that.

The winds from Irene only made it up to gusts of 70mph here… my hurricane virginity remains intact.  ::sigh::  For my 1st major storm, it was a learning experience.  I didn’t realize how strong “the bands” were of the storm that come through bringing gray stripped skies and a crazy amount of wind and rain.  The winds were the worst the day after the storm, I had never experienced wind/gusts quite like that yet.  The worse damage done to our house from Irene was a branch down in the yard with leaves and sticks all over the place.  State Farm kept calling me and leaving messages on my phone of who to call about making a claim…..made me laugh.

Hurricane Katia is churning out in the Atlantic now.  I was excited for some waves…..but it looks like Katia wants to wrap up her summer in Myrtle Beach.  She could turn, dissipate, or slam into our coast — as the computer models are currently predicting.  I’ve decided that I like hurricanes, I love a good storm – it’s the midwesterner in me.  However, now that I am living in my dream house I’m a little more worried about the damaging effects of these monster storms.  I decided when we bought this joint that it was going to be just that: a house.  It will not run my life, it will not be my life, and if the Lord takes it away via foreclosure, storm, or circumstance – then so be it.  We’ll just be on our next adventure  My faith is in Him.

Speaking of waves, the other weekend my nieces Mary (12) and Martha (9) came down with my sister-in-law and we had a blast down at Kure Beach.  I took the girls out surfing — Martha was content to be on the boogie board, but I did manage to talk her into riding some waves I pushed her into on my 7’6.  Mary, on the other hand, was a natural.  It took her a couple of hours what took me the better part of 2 summers!  She caught a couple of waves and kinda stood up, but nonetheless she was stoked and had some great rides.  Mary is also my height and the same bra size as me.  That was humbling.  They said they were coming back down in the fall sometime and I am excited!!!!  It was awesome to share the gift of surfing with my nieces…..and they were eager to wax the boards too!!  I called Mary my “wahine” (wah-hee-nee) which is Hawaiian for “girl surfer.”  Super awesome.  We also played a rousing game of spoons that had us erupting into fits of silent laugh mode.

I am so psyched for our roadtrip to the state gamelands of Pennsylvania!  It’s The General’s family reunion – about 100 people with similar alleles all gather together for fun, beer, great food, more beer, and 2nds or 3rds through the food buffet.  Last time we went we were dating — several weeks before he proposed.  Much has changed, much has not.  I’m looking forward to seeing my in-laws, nieces, and aunt-in-law.  I plan to surprise The General with 375mL of Jim Beam and airplane bottles of Bailey’s for his morning coffee :-).  I have a feeling I’ll be driving home if the dark rum I’m bringing doesn’t get to me 1st! We’re camping out in a tent again and it’s suppose to be warmer than the 10C outside it was last time!  For the 11 hour car ride I also made a huge batch of puppy chow.  Heehee.  I really need to take a nap before we hit the road.

For lunch today, I stopped at Tidal Creek, the local co-op for everything organic.  I grazed off their salad bar (I’m trying to be vegetarian, but with moments of meat here and there) and had the most amazing concoction: chocolate zucchini cake.  OMG.  Nom.  I need to find a good recipe for it — I could taste the zucchini just a tad over the chocolate and there wasn’t bits of zucchini — it was amazing.  I might go back just for the cake.  I’ve been eating terrible the past couple of days and this reunion isn’t going to help, but all bets are off when surrounded by all that wonderful food.  I’m going to try out this “portion control” bit that I’ve been working on.

The title of this post in a line from “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys I heard on the radio today while driving around.  The DJ mentioned this clip and I had to share it.  As a former fan of Sesame Street, this is quite amusing.  Enjoy.

“Detroit, Detroit. Got 1 hell of a hockey team; got a left handed way of making a man, sign up on that automotive dream….” (Paul Simon)

Just landed back in the humidity of the Carolinas from the Motor City.  Many adventures to report, but I will do so at a later time.

In other news, I accidently bought the same pair of jeans I already own and aren’t too fond of.  Drat.  These are more conservative than the edgy ones I tried on (and by edgy, I mean they left nothing up to the imagination in terms of bum); other other ones appeared too paper thin and I feared they would last a year without holes.  OMG.  I’m old.  And why do I always buy a pair in the same size that I haven’t tried on?

More to come on the adventures.

Oh, and the $40 that went to Spirit Airlines?  They refunded it once I explained to them everything fits under the seat and no overhead bin would be needed.  SCORE!  It pays to travel light.


Martinis and Macaroons?! Yes, please.

So if you’re around and about in the downtown Wilmington area and it happens to be Thursday night you have to go to Caprice Bristro sofa bar (when you walk in, staircase is to your right).  It’s over by Kilwin’s where Market and Water Street meet.  Can’t miss it.

They have $5 martinis (normally $9) and each martini comes with your very own macaroon.  OMG.

Charlotte, Samantha, and I indulged tonight.  I had 2: my old standby, a mint chocolate martini followed by a beautiful orange creamsicle-esque I-can’t-remember-the-name-of-it-but-it-was-really-good martini.  It’s the only orange one on the menu, you won’t be disappointed.

The best part of the night?  It’s all happening.  Samantha is going on a mission trip to the country of her dreams, Italia, in October.  I have good vibes about this.  Charlotte found an amazing guy (so far, it’s new) which is more of a Mr. Goldenblatt than a Mr. MacDougal.  Miranda’s got a second interview and if all goes well, she’ll be back in the Port City before the 1st leaf turns colors.

I don’t know what my next adventure entails – but in the meantime….I’m enjoying the glow from my friends.

Run, don’t walk

….to Britt’s Donuts!  I’ve lived in the Cape Fear region for 5 years now and I have never been to Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach at the Boardwalk.  That all changed this morning.

The General and I headed down to Kure Beach this morning to hang out.  The waves were nice, but I didn’t bring my board because he said there weren’t any waves on the beach cam.  We took the boogie boards out, but my board rash from yesterday’s awesome session on my 6’2 short board (that I can stand up on if I squat down – it’s really pathetic surfing wise, but I had a blast!) kept me from boogie boarding properly.  So we sat on the beach awhile, as I was still half awake.

We decided to get breakfast and get some espresso in me.  Our 1st stop was Majik Beanz, a hippy-dippy coffee shop off the main drag in CB.  I got a latte with some chocolate vanilla in it and I am in heaven.  We then walked to the boardwalk for donuts.  Now, I’m not a big donut fan.  It’s the one sweet treat I can say no to.  I don’t crave them.  I usually am very picky (chocolate) about what kind (chocolate) I like; no glaze (chocolate), no cream-filled stuff (chocolate).  I was skeptical, but everyone I know raves about this place so I had to try it.

Oh. My. God.  Amazing.  They melt in your mouth.  My mouth wasn’t watering, it was crying for more Britt’s Donuts.  I told the General we had to leave before I bought another one.  And other one.  I could have finished off an entire dozen myself (if only it all went to my boobs…..).  It’s a good thing that they are only open during the tourist season and only take cash – I rarely carry cash.  I will be back!  And they’re 85 cents a piece.

Another fun spot introduced to me by Samantha was The Fuzzy Naval   The Peach Belly Button  The Fuzzy Peach.  They have one up off Racine, downtown, and soon to be Monkey Junction.  It’s heaven.  All sorts of flavors of frozen yogurt with EVERY TOPPING YOU CAN IMAGINE!  From fruit to crushed up graham cracker to anything with chocolate, holy cow, it’s an amazing experience.  You pay based on weight, you get to fill yours up!  I joked they have one in heaven, but when you get to the cash register, Jesus shows up and says, “No, it’s okay.  I got this, it’s paid for.”  Samantha, Charlotte and I sat around eating these amazing creations and catching up since it had been forever since we chatted.  We just need our Miranda and we’d be all set.

I live in paradise.

Clique Clique Boom!

While I love serving as the bouncer in the nursery at church, I just took a leave of absence.

Why?  Mainly because of work and my schedule that gets thrown about at the last minute (like this weekend….again!).  So to save time and face, I figured it’d be easier if I wasn’t counted on being there.  Hopefully work will stabilize and I’ll get back to a regularly scheduled schedule.  Not to mention the trip I’m going to take back in time at the beginning of August would conflict, too.  More about that later.

That’s the surface reason I described to them.  There are some sub-plots that are playing into this as well.  One, is the reality of something I’ve found at this church: it’s a conglomeration of cliques (other people have noticed this too).  I don’t fit in.  I rarely find my nitch in social situations.  I’m a little out there – “out of phase” is how my husband puts it.  Granted, my co-workers in Christ have been nothing but kind to me.  They have never said or done anything that would raise red flags nor am I singled out because of something (my non-mom status, for instance).  I see how they all huddle together to chit chat about their week, what’s going on in their lives, something their kids did, or just a prolonged “good morning.”  I’m not part of the group.  It’s not their fault, it’s just calling a spade a spade.  I’ll ask people how their week went: “Fine.”  How was your vacation? “Great!”

I refuse to force friendships.  I had to do that in high school and college because of proximity to others: I had to be friends with someone because of school and how we “fit in” to certain social situations.  Now that I’m older, I’m not playing those games to appease people anymore.  I’m going to have friends based on who they are at the core and someone I can walk in step with, not trying to match what they’re doing just because our juxtaposition says we should be friends.

And then it hit me: do I want to be in a church where I’m just on the outside?  My small group is awesome, we have real conversations and we laugh a lot.  I’m one of the youngest ones there, everyone else has kids in college or  high school.  And while they are awesome ladies, it would be weird for me to call them some night and ask if they want to grab a martini.  The General is even more social isolated than I am.  This bothers me, but it doesn’t bother him.

Rewind to last Sunday, we checked out a new church that is basically a scaled down version of the church we currently attend.  It was pretty awesome, although the format and the pastor were a bit out of sequence.  I learned A TON of history that coincides with the Gospels and the sermon cut to the core of human nature: Are you covered in the dust of your rabbi?  i.e. Are you following Jesus so closely on the road of life that you are covered in His dust?  Whoa!

My current church has AMAZING sermons, which is part of why I like it so much.  But it’s huge.  Walking through the main vestibule on Sundays, I get “Anatevka” from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head:

Anatevka, Anatevka
Intimate, obstinate Anatevka
Where I know everyone I met
Soon I’ll be a stranger in a strange new place
Searching for an old familiar face from Anatevka

It makes me smile because it’s a paradox.  I’m alone in a crowd.  All these faces and I have no idea who any of them are.  And they don’t know me.  I’m not the “run of the mill Christian wife.”  And I don’t think I’ll ever be.

I miss the communion of fellowship at the church of my youth – everyone knew everyone.  If we had 60 people on a Sunday and it wasn’t Christmas, that was HUGE!  Any new face that walked through the doors was greeted and people asked questions:  What do you do? Do you have kids?  What church have you been to?  Are you new to the area?  How can we help you fit in?  My church has a program for this….but it’s not the same.  They have 60 people show up for meetings.  It’s mostly a number thing; both are biblically sound churches.

Maybe it’s time for us to switch churches into a smaller setting?  Lots of prayer to follow.



I also made it to Sugar on Front Street – finally!  OMG, their frappuccino is to die for!  I think I will dream about it tonight.

And if you happen to be in Carolina Beach, check out this place on the south end of the Boardwalk.  It’s a great place to balance out all the saltiness of spending the afternoon on the beach.

I also picked up some of these for my flower bed at the farmer’s market.  My goal this week it get them planted and finish the last battle against greenbriers and stubborn shrubs along the driveway.

Romancing the Stone, Cape Fear Style

It had been awhile since The General and I had gone hiking at Carolina Beach State Park – as we usually get lost – so we decided to trek out there again on a whim this past weekend.  Without a map or really any idea where we were going, we set out into a coastal Carolina forest.  I love this state.

Our adventure quickly turned from groomed trails to the Sugarloaf trail that runs by the river.  We walked along the bank until we came to this:

The bridge over the marsh had obviously seen better days, but being the crazy adventurer I am, I convinced The General that it was structurally sound.  And so, our Romancing the Stone adventure began, minus mudslides and having Danny DeVito chase after us.

We ended up on another more secluded beach of the Cape Fear River and we found some of my favorite marine animals: fiddler crabs!  They were everywhere!

I had a video of this, but it wouldn’t upload.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but once I sat down and observed them, they would wave their claws up and down.  I thought they had made me their new leader!  All the crabs were doing this!  So hilarious.  You can pick up these crabs, too!  They act all tough, but they get quite defensive when they’re in your hand and become all shy.  I sat there for about 10 minutes just watching them.

While I was crab watching, The General had brought a sketch pad and drew a quick river’s edge scene with a washed up tree.  It was boiling hot outside and the tide was coming in (i.e. the trail was disappearing!), so we hightailed it out of there to a shortcut back to the car.  We plan to go back soon and see where this trail of bridges leads!

Daybreak, 1 July


My goal for today was to relive my early am walks I did in the cornfields, watching daybreak arrive.

I got here just as it was in full swing, @ 0530, and I’m mad. The Lord woke us up @ 0300 with a false smoke alarm and I haven’t been to sleep since. Instead of coming to the beach, I tossed and turned. My alarm went off @ 5. I did a random genealogy search online before I realized the time.

It’s been so long since I’ve been out I forgot how fast daybreak arrives and I’m really upset with myself that I didn’t come out here straight away.


Maybe I’m not seizing the moments like I should and I’m procrastinating too much on stuff like booking trips, sunrises, talks I need to have, days off, and life itself.

I keep “waiting for the right time.” What if that right time isn’t on a clock?

Lots to ponder this morning as I watch the breakfast flock of pelicans….

An awesome weekend (besides the work part)

I ate and drank like I was a sailor on shore leave this weekend.  And I’m not apologizing.

There’s nothing quite like spending a Friday night on a deserted beach, drinking wine out of travel coffee mugs (illegally) with 2 very awesome friends, talking and laughing about random stuff.

This weekend was Mirandapalooza, as Miranda returned to the Port City for Azalea Fest – we had a blast!  We went on the garden tour; I was slightly disappointed there were not more eye candy in terms of plants.  It was all very nice, but very plain.  I have big plans for my yard, and if I want to be on the 2025 Garden Tour, I need to get started.

It started with mimosas at 1030 and ended that night with 2 empty wine bottles and polishing off the rest of the champagne from the morning.  I wasn’t drunk, but I certainly could not have driven a car.

The Sex and the City girls ride again!

And then were was that work part.  Luckily, it was cut short by muscadine wine and more Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte time!  Sweet.

The oddest thing: I looked at the pictures of me from  the weekend, and despite the fact I lost weight (maybe it was all the M&Ms I consumed this weekend?), my face looks really fat.  Like I have chipmunk cheeks.  I don’t know if it’s my weight or just my German facial features and my ridiculously deep set eyes.  I hate pictures of myself.

More adventures are on the horizon in terms of painting and roadtrips and friends and family and oh my!

The adventures are never ending here, just how I like it 🙂

Friends are friends forever

I learned recent that my best friend from high school, Pat, is moving to Wilmington this summer!  How crazy is that?!  She’s come down the past couple of summers with her significant other to hang out at the beach and stay with us.  She’s going to come down this spring to check out the apartment scene and hopefully transfer through the company she works for.  What’s even more interesting is how different we are.  In high school we were cut from the same cloth, but now we have completely different lifestyles.  Half way through college, she came out as bisexual. Totally did not see that coming at all!  By the end of college, she decided she wanted to transgender into male.  Whoa.  While she has the clearance to get testosterone, she hasn’t had surgery nor the hormone injections, so she’s essentially a female living and dressing like a guy – and being so thin and lanky, she looks like one too.  Luckily her name is androgynous, although she’s toyed with the idea of changing it.  She doesn’t shave and wears board shorts with a sports bra and t-shirt to the beach.  Despite all the pronoun changes, I can’t bring myself to refer to her as a “he.”  In my heart, Pat will always be Pat.  Despite all the changes, the core person is still there – the one I became friends with in the 5th grade.

While I do not  agree with the homosexual culture, I don’t shun people of that world either.  Yes, the Bible states – rather plainly – that it is wrong.  The Bible also says other things are wrong like fornication among heterosexuals.  Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman at the well – a HUGE social taboo for Jews – He didn’t judge her, he pointed her towards the Father.  Just like everyone else, we all have issues that are contrary to the Bible.  I make my friends based on who they are at their core and their heart, not who they are sexually.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to having a little slice of my home life here!

I wonder how this chapter of our friendship will be in this time and place.

You say tomato, I say epic FAIL

Since I had inherited my grandmother’s green thumb (I got at least 1 allele), I decided to do a garden again this year.  Since we just moved, I hadn’t had time to get my compost seasoned — it’s still in the decaying process — and so my garden suffered.

These are suppose to be cherry tomato plants.  ::sigh::   I think my problem is not enough nitrogen.  At least that’s what some gardening forums said online.  It might be because my house is build on sand.  (I know, I know, the Bible says differently but we’re in a coastal plain!  With pine trees and turkey oaks which are nature’s way of saying, “Your soil has zero nutrients, ha ha.”)  Well, there’s always next year.  In the meantime, I’m trying to keep ’em watered and fertilized.

No Earl

Earl decided he wanted to vacation in the Outer Banks and bypass Wilmington.  We have better bars here and it’s a beautiful vacation area.

But the OBX does have better surf than us.

The best place to be this Labor Day weekend?  Middle of the Atlantic. Hopefully Earl will change his plans last minute and head there.

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

The storm activity in the Atlantic was suppose to be “textbook” this year for bad storms.  It was benign all summer until this week.

Danielle turned into a Category 4 storm (the ranking only goes up to 5), but luckily she’s going out to sea.  We just get the waves!  Huge, head high plus waves that are suppose to arrive this weekend. I can’t be out there because it would be like a putting a 15 year old into a NASCAR race: I’d be out of my league and probably get hurt.

Earl looks like it’s heading towards us, at least the 5 day tracking cone is predicting it.

And now there’s another storm that has the possibility to develop into a hurricane.  Yikes.

While I am still a hurricane virgin, I like the excitement; I love a good storm. I messed around back in 2007 with Tropical Storm Ernesto and ended up spending the night at work cuz we locked down.  Hurricanes were so much more fun when I hand renters insurance….

Surf Naked

Here’s what I got to surf today!  I made the picture large so you can see the beautiful glassy face of the wave right as it’s about to break.  I got lucky on this shot, due to my lack of photography skills and the camera I am using has a whopping 3.2 MP.

It was a perfect morning for surfing here in the Carolina coast.

After a rough night of machines malfunctioning (ah, to accidently change the set points…) and learning that I have my very own ova and parasite farm in my house (read: cats got fleas from the porch and now they’re in my dream home), I was in desperate need of some relaxing ocean waves on my 7’6 epoxy.

Despite how nice these waves look, some of them packed some serious punch.  I pearled pretty hard a few times and even managed to get caught in the break zone, stuck on the inside during a couple of sets.

I was amused at how I was almost down the face of a wave and it would lift the back of my board up and *ker plunk* I was in the soup.

Nonetheless, it was so awesome, a very high stoke factor today!

I think I will have to go back to board shorts – even tho thong bathing suits are banned at KB, I had some pretty ugly ocean-induced weggies.  I’m not sure if my suit is just wearing out or if my butt has shrunk more by jogging.

This problem could be so easily solved by just surfing naked.  I would contend with board rash on my nipples if I didn’t have to worry about my suit going every which way. And no tan lines!  I have thought about just showing up in board shorts, I have whatever is less than an A cup is, so I figured I could pass for a guy.

Surfing naked is on my bucket list.  I’m just not sure when – or if – it’ll happen.  It could be never, or the next big wave that hits me and knocks my suit off.  Tequila makes her clothes fall off, why not the ocean?


Wow, 2 months have escaped me.  Where does the time go?

It would be too much for me to go into detail about all our adventures, so here are the highlights:

  • Had 24 hours, 8 dedicated to work, to unload our POD before it was due to be picked up.
  • Painted the guest bathroom a dazzling shade of blue
  • Painted the guest room a beautiful sky blue
  • Painted the hallway a beachy sand color
  • And all of the moulding.  Stark white.  Did I mention 3 coats of paint to cover the awful almond color?
  • And all of the doors.  Stark white.  Did I mention the 5 coats of paint to cover the awful almond color?
  • Discovered primer half way through the painting process and have embraced it
  • Painted the master bath a seagreen color that came out darker than I had envisioned, but it is so nice now
  • Oh, and the moulding.  And the doors.  It still needs a top coat.
  • Got couches, end tables, and a kitchen table.  It finally looked like people lived here and not nomad college students.
  • Had a girl’s nite complete with frozen drinks and poker ’til 0200 and it was awesome!
  • Had our 1st quasi-formal dinner party with a friend.  On the menu: mahi, king crab, and potatoes.
  • About to have a house warming party with random people stopping by.  This should be fun!

My new favorite surf spot is Kure Beach.  No paying for parking, no surf zones, less crowded.  Perfect.  I never thought I would find somewhere other than Wrightsville.

Life is good.