Me, Unplugged

Some things you should know about me….

* I live in Wilmington, North Carolina and spend most of my days surfing at my secret spot on Kure Beach

* My tramp stamp is an ichthys ><>

* I am always up for a random roadtrip to anywhere

* I’ve been researching my mother’s side of the family – it’s challenging since Prussia does not exist anymore

* I don’t believe in gift registries, proper bedtimes, elevators, or decent underwear

* If it doesn’t fit under the seat in front of me, I won’t take it on a plane – overhead bins and checking bags are overrated

* There is nothing better than running around Europe with only a backpack and a vague idea of where to find a hostel

* I have a Bachelor of Science degree from a state university; I do what I do best: working behind the scenes to make it all happen

* I married the love my of life (“The General”) who is in fact, a general, but only nominally; we take lots of crazy adventures together and laugh a lot

* My General and I re-wrote the book on May-December relationships

* I run, I bike, I surf.  I also lose at tennis.

* 16 years ago I agreed to pick up my cross and follow the Lord

* Ich lerne Deutsch; mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht, aber Ich lies die Bibel jeden Morgen auf Deutsch

* My hometown happens to be a cornfield in Illinois, my family line hails from Detroit.

* I would so love to land a job at SCDP

* I’d love to sip tea with the Crawley family at their estate

* I am determined to become a faithful gardener – sometimes I kill succulents – sometimes things grow well past their season

* My spiritual gifts include faith and discernment – I’ve got a knack for reading present tense situations

* I am the most unphotogenic person I know

* My vices include chocolate, Nutella, and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum in Coke


2 thoughts on “Me, Unplugged

  1. Hi! I just saw your note about maybe having connections for me. Do you have my email address? I’d love more details. I’ll be teaching in Yorkville but am open to living in nearby areas too.

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