Wilmywood (as Wilmington is sometimes called) has struck again.

It’s always a good time when they film a pilot for a TV series….in your backyard.  The huge lights they used shined into our bedroom, it was lit like a stage.  At first I was really excited about it – so excited that I made The General accompany me through the woods to get a closer look at their rig.  We sat and watch for a couple of takes and then headed back home to bed.

And that’s when it started.  The screaming.  Apparently the script called for the crowd to go wild because I spent the entire night waking up every so often to the roar of people.  It was a near sleepless night, to say the least. But all in the name of film!

This was the source of my sleeping problems.

This was the source of my sleeping problems.



Wastin’ away in Wilmington….searchin’ for my lost keys and a truck full of salt

I’m having one of those weeks where I lost my keys.

I have never in my life lost my keys for more than a few moments.  Thus far, they’ve been missing for 3 days.  My keyring is anything but ordinary – kinda like me – I use a carabiner made for rock climbing.  It’s huge and it will hold the weight of my car.  I’m hoping they turn up soon.

And then today, I lost my spare set of keys.  Ah, yes.  So I dug out my super secret spare keys, and I don’t believe this one has ever been inside of the ignition.   If this keeps up, I will not be able to start my car by the weekend.

Not that I could go far for that matter.  Icepocalypse 2, The Return of Solid Water has taken Wilmington by storm (oh the puns!).  Schools are cancelled across the region and my employer has placed us on a 3 hour delay.  I’m a bit excited about staying up late tonight.  I’ve already started with a good cuppa.

The ice snuck up on us this time, with freezing rain this afternoon.


I am not made for winter and neither is the long leaf pine.

This may not seem like much, but it has wreaked havoc here in the southland.  Being the resident Yankee at work, I had an ice scraper in my car, so I scrapped the last 3 cars left in the parking lot.  It took my boss an hour to get from Wilmington to Leland.  Luckily, it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago.  I must admit I love the excitement that comes with inclement weather; I say this as both a hurricane virgin and a homeowner.

So now all I need is for summer to arrive and to find those keys….and perhaps another cuppa.

Better than the real thing

It’s been said that once you experience the real thing, you’ll never go back to the imitation.  It could be said about vanilla extract, Jesus, true love,  –

and coffee.

I haven’t been a coffee drinker since I was a 3rd shifter back in my Illinois daze.  I started again, but this time, with the good stuff from Costa Rica.  Whole bean.  Yes, I grind my own.  And keep aliquots of it in the freezer, already set up in the filter.  I’m not one for bitter tastes, so I’ve started using a natural flavored creamer (ingredients include heavy cream and sugar); since it’s already spiked with sugar, I don’t have to add any.  It is heaven.  I crave it during the day.  Unfortunately, I crave it at night. It’s just an all around amazing treat – it’s more than that – it’s an experience.

While I usually don’t have enough time to drink a cuppa at work, our office recently got a conditional Keurig coffeemaker (I say conditional because our director, who bought it as a way to praise the staff for a job well done, said if our “goals” slip, she’s taking away the Keurig because (and I quote), “I found what is valuable to everyone and this it is how you treat children: take away something they want when they misbehave.”  Luckily, I was raised to smile and nod when upper management says something like that.  The inner me thought a bunch of F bombs).

Anyway, I bought some  Keurig cups for work as well as those little cups of creamer that can be kept at room temperature.  We have a fridge I could keep real creamer in, but food has a way of disappearing in that fridge, not to mention there is probably bacteria in there that should be a Biolevel 3 lab at the CDC with the likes of TB, SARS, and yellow fever.  It’s my personal rule that I will not use that fridge.  My 1st cuppa was TERRIBLE.  The creamer left little chunks in the coffee (clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee?)  It tasted fake.  It didn’t roll on my tongue with a wave of awesomeness like the coffee I just made this morning did.  It was, in a word, disgusting.  I couldn’t even enjoy it.

What can I say?  I love the real thing.  And I can compost my used coffee and filter.

I gave my Keurig cups to The General for his use at work and left my creamer by the Keurig with “ENJOY!” on it.  I know it will be put to good use by  my fellow co-workers.

I guess it’s good to know that the coffeemaker I got in the “divorce” settlement from my roommate in college works better for me than a $200 fancy coffeemaker.  I’m going to keep making coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed.