You may now return to your regularly scheduled summer….

The General and I ushered in summer the other day: it’s officially summer at our house.

We woke up early last Saturday and made our way to Pleasure Island.  I stopped for Britt’s Donuts and then we headed to our secret spot at Kure Beach.  The surf report said the water was 70F, but I disagree, it felt much colder.  Despite that, I hit the waves with a boogie board and had a blast.  We brought a vegetarian lunch (grapes, humus, pretzel chips, water, and cookies!) and ate on the strand.

I spent most of my time reading and burning my back to a crisp — as did The General.  He wasn’t too excited about getting into the cold water.

We stayed out until early afternoon, came home, showered, and hung a hammock on our back deck.  It was heaven.  It’s big enough for both of us to sit in and it is the perfect reading nook.


Ah, summer…..

We made dinner and spent the evening rocking the hammock with a glass of wine. Summer has arrived!  

Bonus:  We’re sticking out the weather by not turning on our AC until absolutely necessary.  We haven’t turned it on yet! I’m loving the nature sounds from our backyard (birds, amorous frogs/toads, cicadas, crickets….). 

This summer has promised many adventures for us.  More to come soon!