Things I Learned While Attending My 10 Year High School Reunion/Hosting a Party At My Parents’ House That I Never Had in High School Because I Was Too Straight Edge

  1. My sister will completely lose her filter if given enough Rumple Mintz (peppermint schnapps).  The most inappropriate things you can imagine were topics of conversation.
  2. Like college, I hung out with my church youth group and the sweet frat boys who drank/smoked too much.  Same with my guests: I had everyone from a seminary grad to a swinger.  And everything in between.  I attract fun people.
  3. My mom, who is probably the most responsible drinker I know, took a shot of said Rumple Mintz and chased it with a beer.  Had no idea my mom was so….hardcore.  Not bad for 60.
  4. You will smell like a campfire if you come within 5 feet of a campfire.  It’s in the fine print.
  5. It’s always good to see people you haven’t seen in 10 years.  And you realize that 8 years ago you both attended the most depressing wedding ever together.  How can you forget stuff in your 20’s?  I don’t know.  I used to, but I think I forgot.
  6. People who get married and have kids will forever fall off your radar.  They will want to hang out with you and make it like it was back in the day, but the reality of the situation is that kids will (and should!) come first.  You will see them in at the 20 year reunion when the kids are grown, but after 20 years of only exchanging Christmas cards, there’s nothing left to talk about.  That’s my theory.  Everyone who came to my party did not have kids.  I was kinda sad.  I even put on the invite, bring kids if you need to!  We will find a way to entertain them!
  7. I invited 3/5 of my ex-boyfriends.  They were a no-show.  I really wanted to introduce them to The General.  All except one have kids, so it was expected.
  8. As for the actual reunion, it was better than high school.  Football players actually acknowledged me.
  9. All the footballers had beautiful blonde wives.  A gaggle of them would walk up to the bar, it was amusing.
  10. I talked with the most stuck up person in our class and she was nice to me, but fake nice.  Charming.
  11. Despite my first 24 years of being a Yankee, this Carolina girl freezes at 17C.
  12. The most surprising part of the night: no shocking changes.  Everyone looked about the same and is moderately successful.  I was hoping for some Jerry Springer-like moments.
  13. A good time was had by all.  I miss my hometown.  My life is here in North Carolina, but I found myself feeling homesick.  Maybe it was all the combines in the field.

From the washboard to the keg

As I was perusing my Facebook news feed tonight, I came across a picture of an ex-boyfriend’s son.  ((It’s pretty sad that I could tell what building this kid was in by just seeing the walls.  Something things never change in a small town in the middle of a cornfield.))  I clicked through the few pictures and I saw him.

The ex.

Back in the day, he was a football player (#85), rocking a rockhard body.  I spent most of Summer 1997 making out with him, come to think of it, until he broke up with me before Homecoming to go with my friend.  The man in this picture was none of that.  His once washboard abs have now been replaced by a small keg.  Or possibly a second trimester pregnancy.

What happened?  He got a desk job, married, and had 4 kids.  We’ve remained acquaintances over the years – every so often we’ll get into a peacocking argument in Facebook chat about who has the better job/life (“I’m going to retire with $1 million in the bank in 5 years” v. “I don’t wake up to an alarm clock.”)  It’s not in jest, either.  Oh, and I’m the alarm clock one.  I know you’re jealous.

I know things change as we age, but wow, was not expecting to see that.

High School Reunion

It’s like High School Musical, but with less singing, choreographed dancing, and the players have not been screened through the eyes of a Disney casting director.

This October I will be attending my 10th high school reunion.  Scary, huh?  It’s crazy how the time goes so fast.  I feel so old, yet so young at the same time.  I’ve kept in touch with those that were close in high school, although a few have fallen off my radar as the years wore on.  That’s to be expected, I guess.

Anyway, at the end of senior year, our school newspaper ran “predictions” of where we would be after high school.  The reunion coordinator posted them.  Here’s what I wrote (I excluded my name and university):

Did they come true?  Almost.

  • 2000:  Went on with my Clinical Laboratory Sciences degree and graduated on time in 2004.
  • 2005:  I was living alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in another cornfield (it took an hour drive to get to Target….not so much on the big city part).  It was far away – about 3 hours from home.  I wasn’t happy there so I accepted a job here in NC in late 2005.
  • 2010:  I am working as a medical technologist!  Go me!
  • 2020:  4 boys?!?!  I’m still not sure what I was thinking – I’ll be 39!  My chances of having kids are very, very low.  Amusing, nonetheless.  I still plan on rocking out in the lab, tho.
  • Ah, stage crew.  I still get theatre sick and I medicate myself by volunteering for Cucalorus (huge film fest here in Wilmington) every year.  It’s not enough, but my schedule is so weird I can’t keep normal people hours.  I miss the backstage life so much.

I’ve changed a lot since high school, too.  I’m still who I am at my core, but I have a much better sense of self, my experiences have changed me for the better, and the Lord has taught me much in this past decade.  It should be interesting to see everyone and where life has taken us.