….and more prayers answered

Because changing jobs is not enough change in one’s life, The General and I have decided to change it up even more.

A friend of ours from one of the churches we’ve been visiting (whom we met before going to this church), is in need of a place to stay. She works a bunch of odd jobs and is on track to get a teaching degree so she can do mission work overseas full time.  She has a huge heart for the Middle East and is learning Arabic as I’m learning German — she’s already been over there, but had to come back because of visa issues (I think).  So in the interim, her current roommate is moving back to the other side of the world, and she doesn’t have the money to live in an apartment by herself.

The General and I bought our dream house. I’m not going to lie: it’s pretty big.  It’s bigger than what 2 professionals without kids need, I suppose. ~2100 square feet of living space.  3100 if you count the unfinished part (no AC/electricity/drywall/floor in some parts).  Ever since I saw this property on the MLS report, this address has been on my prayer list.  If we’re going to get this awesomely neat house, we need to steward it for God. It’s my prayer for the house: use it for the kingdom.

Our prospective roommate, let’s call her Pricilla — like the one who ran around the Middle East with Paul — posted on Facebook she was looking for anyone who might be able to help her out.  I saw it, briefly thought about having her here, and as soon as the thought came, it left.  A few days later, The General mentioned Pricilla’s post.  “Think we should offer her our spare room?” he asked.  “Yes,” I replied.  You’d think we were talking about putting a pizza in the oven.

She came over the other night – she’s a ball of joy.  Seriously.  She can light up a room with her spirit.  She’s one of the most unshakable REAL Christians I’ve met.  Girl is on fire.  Even upon meeting her for the 1st time, I thought, “Wow, this one’s the real deal.”  We gave her a tour of the house and she was in awe.  “Can I think and pray about this?” she asked.   We haven’t heard back from her yet, but hopefully soon.

We’re doing this to help her out: while she’ll help pay the utility bills, obviously, she’s not going to help pay our mortgage.  We’re doing this to help someone along the way.  It was done for us.  And on top of that, we are so incredibly blessed, I want to share that.  I believe this will be a symbiotic relationship: we’ll help take care of her physical needs while she can help us with our spiritual ones.  Since both of us have not ever had a good example of a true Christian marriage, I believe having someone of that spiritual caliber in our home can help facilitate a better relationship with Jesus. Everybody wins.  And God gets the glory.  Can I get an amen?

I will admit a part of me is a bit apprehensive: new job, new roommate — it’s a lot of change all at once.  I love my privacy.  I love walking around naked (there, I said it).  But if I can help someone achieve their dream?  It’s so worth it.  We’ve decided to do this for a couple of months and see how it goes on both ends.  Playing it by ear.

My life motto is the same as Monty Python’s: and now for something completely different.

This verse has often rung in my head.  Isaiah 54:1 is well known among those woman of my station.  But the rest is a bit telling, and we do have a big tent.

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings;
Do not spare;
Lengthen your cords,
And strengthen your stakes.
For you shall expand to the right and to the left,
And your descendants will inherit the nations,
And make the desolate cities inhabited.
(Isaiah 54:2-3) 


Messin’ with Texas Tour: Day 4

I had booked my flight from San Antonio to Atlanta to Wilmington early Monday morning so I could be home in time to work.  My plan would have been flawless if it weren’t for the snow that shut down Atlanta and Wilmington.  Luckily, I had found out early Sunday about my flight cancellation so I was able to call Orbitz and Delta to get things straightened out.  The funniest part was I had changed the trip name on my Orbitz account to “Messin’ with Texas Tour” and when I spoke with the heavily-accented Orbitz operator, who obviously was not a native English speaker, who asked, “Is this regarding your “Messin’ with Texas Tour?”  I could barely respond “Yes” to keep from laughing so hard.

After a lot of silence on the other end, the kind gentleman at Delta and I figured out a plan.  I would fly from San Antonio to JFK in New York City to Richmond, Virginia.  Crazy?  I’ll explain.

I have a college friend who I haven’t seen in ages who lives in Richmond, a decent 5 hour haul from Wilmington.  I figured since Wilmington was probably going to be shut down for 2 days for the blizzard (< 10″), I’d just rent a car and drive down the next day from Richmond.  I was all about the adventure.

I hugged Miranda good-bye, got out of San Antonio on time and landed at JFK, an airport I had never been to before.  I got twisted up in my itty bitty terminal and ended up walking out of the secure area in search of my non-existent gate.  Bugger.  I’d have to go through security again.  While I’ve traveled many cities in Europe, I’ve never been to New York, and as soon as the wanderlust started, I realized it was January, I was in New York, and my “coat” was a knit zip-up sweater.  Brrrr.  So I went through security AGAIN and figured out that gate 23 split into several different avenues (hence why there was no terminal H).

I stumbled upon a French bistro for lunch and had a crepe with Nutella.  I am currently battling an addiction to Nutella (especially after I came home and found a recipe for crepes), and oh my goodness it was heaven.  I got on the plane, tried to sleep, but the lady next to me was too close for me to slump in my seat and it made for a very uncomfortable nap.

I landed in Richmond and was picked up by my friend J.  We went back to her house and played a board game, ate a lovely dinner prepared by her boyfriend with steak and potatoes, and played some Kinect for the 1st time (that game is awesome!).

The next morning J made breakfast with real bacon and sausage and drove me to the airport.  I rented a Toyota Yaris (not a fun car to drive) and it ended up costing more than I thought it would, but it was so worth it.  I plugged in my iPod and headed for the sunnier skies of Wilmington.

The roads weren’t too bad – just wet – and as a former Illinoisan, I am quite comfortable in snow.  Unfortunately the car rental companies do not have any manual transmissions, so I was forced to take an automatic, something I don’t like to drive in bad weather conditions.  Well, it was one of those maze-like gear shifters and I noticed how hard the engine was running.  I didn’t have a tachometer or any other informative gauges, so I figured it was just the way the car sounded, having never driven one before.  I was about an hour down I-95 when I realized I was in 3rd gear.  Oops.  Shoved her into “drive” and all of a sudden it was a lot quieter and ran better.  I’m such an idiot!

I made it into Wilmington early afternoon, sort of sad that my adventure had come to an end.  I grabbed sushi at Nikki’s and all was right in my world.

I’m ready for my next adventure!

Haunting Update

Well, it seems the randomness of the front closet door opening is of my own doing.  I’m 99% sure I’m the “ghost” and don’t close the closet door all the way.  I’ve noticed it a couple of times.  Except for once.

And, of course, once I get that figured out something else starts.

As I was leaving for work yesterday, I found Katie (my diva calico cat) in the garage, where she isn’t suppose to be.  The upstairs door that leads into our room over the garage was wide open.  It’s an entry door, with a door handle lock.  I shut the door, locked it, and bribed Katie with food to get her back inside.  I haven’t touched the door in recent memory.  I called the General at work to see if he had gone out of it that day (sometimes the door isn’t shut all the way and air pressure will cause it to open).  He had gone out of it last week (before our trip), but not that day.


I must admit I was a little freaked out.  Something is going on, but I’m not sure if it’s a paranormal thing or just the way our house reacts to changes in air pressure.  Stay tuned for more updates.

And in a completely  unrelated thread (….or is it?), our receiver blew.  We need a new one.  Bummer.


While I am Christian and I believe that your soul goes to heaven or hell, I do believe sometimes some rouge energy remains behind.  I mean, the human body is nothing but a slew of a chemical reactions where energy is released.  I’ve had a few strange paranormal experiences in my day that my logic can not explain away although I try.

The day we moved in our house, The General was fiddling with the radio in the living room and I was on the landing of the stairs when we heard a muffled woman’s voice talking, unable to distinguish any words.  We both looked at each other.  “That wasn’t the radio, was it?” I asked him.  “No.”  It was the weirdest sound, like the person was in the room with us, but talking into a pillow.  There was a cable guy outside, but it was just us.  No woman was around the house outside either, we checked.  Where did the voice come from? No idea.

A day or so later, The General was out in the garage and I was upstairs.  He came back in and yelled, “What?”  “What?  I didn’t say anything.”  “You didn’t yell for me in the garage?”  “No.”  The hair on his arm was standing up.  Strange.  The phantom woman’s voice again.

Since then we haven’t heard anymore voices.  Our house is 11 years old and according to the deed, we bought the home from the original owners who are still living.  No one died in the house (my Bible study leader says they’re suppose to disclose at the closing in NC if someone did die in the house, but our closing was so FUBAR I wouldn’t be surprised if that part was missed.)  The General brainstormed that Confederate troops may have passed through our neighborhood during the Civil War (a major battle happened about 12 miles from here) – maybe someone’s buried near-by or some residual energy is still burning.

Last night, the General mentioned something that has brought up more weird stuff: closet doors will be randomly opened when he comes home from work at night.  The 2 guest linen closets, the front hall closet, and the walk-in utility closet in the kitchen all seem to be open.  I always figured it was The General who didn’t latch the door all the way.  He thought it was me.  Heh.  The doors latch well; they don’t pop open nor do they move in a vacuum, like when you open the front door and the air pressure changes. We can’t explain it.

So we’ve made a conscious effort to keep the doors latched to see if they move.  Perhaps it is all within the laws of physics.  Maybe it’s because we watch too many episodes of Ghost Hunters on SyFy and we’re just missing a completely logical reason.

But not everything can be explained logically in this world.



Wow, 2 months have escaped me.  Where does the time go?

It would be too much for me to go into detail about all our adventures, so here are the highlights:

  • Had 24 hours, 8 dedicated to work, to unload our POD before it was due to be picked up.
  • Painted the guest bathroom a dazzling shade of blue
  • Painted the guest room a beautiful sky blue
  • Painted the hallway a beachy sand color
  • And all of the moulding.  Stark white.  Did I mention 3 coats of paint to cover the awful almond color?
  • And all of the doors.  Stark white.  Did I mention the 5 coats of paint to cover the awful almond color?
  • Discovered primer half way through the painting process and have embraced it
  • Painted the master bath a seagreen color that came out darker than I had envisioned, but it is so nice now
  • Oh, and the moulding.  And the doors.  It still needs a top coat.
  • Got couches, end tables, and a kitchen table.  It finally looked like people lived here and not nomad college students.
  • Had a girl’s nite complete with frozen drinks and poker ’til 0200 and it was awesome!
  • Had our 1st quasi-formal dinner party with a friend.  On the menu: mahi, king crab, and potatoes.
  • About to have a house warming party with random people stopping by.  This should be fun!

My new favorite surf spot is Kure Beach.  No paying for parking, no surf zones, less crowded.  Perfect.  I never thought I would find somewhere other than Wrightsville.

Life is good.

To buy or not to buy…..

That is the question.

We found 2 houses that we love for different reasons and we need to make a decision soon.


So, the diet bit lasted for about 12 hours, 7 of which I spent sleeping.  It’s way too hard to keep on the detox portion of it when socializing.  I think I would have to hole up somewhere to do a vegan diet, even for 9 days.  I’ve moved myself into Phase II with meats + cheeses + fruits + veggies. Maybe once life settles itself out I’ll be more inclined to do it right.

It’s also come into light that my thyroid is not working properly.  This might explain how I gained 7cm in my waist/hips even tho I’m running with attempts to eat.  In lieu of removing my pituitary gland and beating it into submission, I’ve got an Rx that I am not happy about taking.   Arg.

And to make it worse, it’s cold and rainy outside and I haven’t done anything remotely resembling productive. A full plate of pilates is on the menu for tonight.

The house search continues, the bank drama continues….someone’s gotta write an ending soon!