Ode to Arthur: a Haiku

Hurricane Arthur
A Cat 2 storm it was not
But it had some wind

The hurricane that got away

The hurricane that got away


The General’s Bed & Breakfast – Welcoming Friends, Family, and Tropical Cyclones since 2010

In the past week, we have had quite the roster of visitors to our humble abode.   They include: an old friend from my university days, my mom, and what’s forecasted to be a Category 1 Hurricane, named Arthur.

My friend J came this past weekend for beach and merriment.  It was a fun weekend of dodging rain showers, ice cream, drinking rum, and the nightlife downtown (we were out so late….we rolled up the drive 1 minute before midnight – not sure when we got old and lame – if only the 22 year old us could see us now!).  It was good to spend some girl time with J and chat over the curveballs life has thrown us and how to deal.  I have a kindred spirit in regards to that pesky thorn in my side.

My mother, born and raised in the midwest, is about to experience her 1st hurricane.  She was coming this week for the 4th of July festivities.  In the past, the 4th of July was always a big party at our house, and she was very excited about the fact that she didn’t have to cook or clean for this one.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to be hunkered down with rum as the storm rolls into the coast.  Both of us love storms – at my cousin’s cottage on Lake Huron, we used to watch the storms roll across the lake at night on the porch.  Such an amazing show!

Actual phone conversation with my mom

Actual text conversation with my mom.

For what it’s worth, I’m still a hurricane virgin.  Chances are this won’t be anything more than a tropical storm.  The storm-loving kid in me wants a direct hit – the adult homeowner in me hopes it’ll bypass our area – the surfer in me can’t wait to hit the waves before and after the storm.


Nice rotation, Arthur.

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

The storm activity in the Atlantic was suppose to be “textbook” this year for bad storms.  It was benign all summer until this week.

Danielle turned into a Category 4 storm (the ranking only goes up to 5), but luckily she’s going out to sea.  We just get the waves!  Huge, head high plus waves that are suppose to arrive this weekend. I can’t be out there because it would be like a putting a 15 year old into a NASCAR race: I’d be out of my league and probably get hurt.

Earl looks like it’s heading towards us, at least the 5 day tracking cone is predicting it.

And now there’s another storm that has the possibility to develop into a hurricane.  Yikes.

While I am still a hurricane virgin, I like the excitement; I love a good storm. I messed around back in 2007 with Tropical Storm Ernesto and ended up spending the night at work cuz we locked down.  Hurricanes were so much more fun when I hand renters insurance….