Wastin’ away in Wilmington….searchin’ for my lost keys and a truck full of salt

I’m having one of those weeks where I lost my keys.

I have never in my life lost my keys for more than a few moments.  Thus far, they’ve been missing for 3 days.  My keyring is anything but ordinary – kinda like me – I use a carabiner made for rock climbing.  It’s huge and it will hold the weight of my car.  I’m hoping they turn up soon.

And then today, I lost my spare set of keys.  Ah, yes.  So I dug out my super secret spare keys, and I don’t believe this one has ever been inside of the ignition.   If this keeps up, I will not be able to start my car by the weekend.

Not that I could go far for that matter.  Icepocalypse 2, The Return of Solid Water has taken Wilmington by storm (oh the puns!).  Schools are cancelled across the region and my employer has placed us on a 3 hour delay.  I’m a bit excited about staying up late tonight.  I’ve already started with a good cuppa.

The ice snuck up on us this time, with freezing rain this afternoon.


I am not made for winter and neither is the long leaf pine.

This may not seem like much, but it has wreaked havoc here in the southland.  Being the resident Yankee at work, I had an ice scraper in my car, so I scrapped the last 3 cars left in the parking lot.  It took my boss an hour to get from Wilmington to Leland.  Luckily, it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago.  I must admit I love the excitement that comes with inclement weather; I say this as both a hurricane virgin and a homeowner.

So now all I need is for summer to arrive and to find those keys….and perhaps another cuppa.