I ran over 40 miles this month.  That is going to be my new goal: instead of averaging 30 miles, I’m going to shoot for 40.  I’m pretty sure my knees could take it.

I need to start cross training.  I have an old bike here that I’m going to ride – mostly to the beach – about 16 miles round trip.  I’m afraid I’m going to mess myself up by not doing anything other than running.

My place of employment is morphing into a new computer system; literatly, we’re moving from a DOS interface (Abort, retry, fail?  Most definitely fail.) to a Windows based program!  The transition is going to be a disaster of epic proportions, and that’s if everything goes well, but once the kinks and programs are re-coded, it will be a wonderful tool that will make our jobs easier.

Due to the sense of impending doom, I am going on a wine/crepe/nutella bender tonight.  I deserve it.

I’ve decided not to use the Fahrenheit system anymore.  Everything I have that has a temperature on it is now in Celsius.  Instead of trying to translate what 45F is into Celsius, I’ve just started associating Celsius temperatures with how it is outside.  Like today it’s 9C.  Chilly, but warm enough to run.  The only problem is when I’m conversing with other people about the weather.  “Oh, it’s going to be 15 tomorrow, finally some warm weather!”  People look at me weird, like I just stepped off the plane from Chicago — well, in Chicago, sometimes 15F is considered “warming up” —  it’s been a fun experiment.  The General is starting to learn it too, but not by choice.  Heeheee.

Kim Kardashian and I are equally proportioned.   She’s 5’2 and I’m a daunting 5’7, but my measurements are 2″ bigger than hers all around.  Weird.  Gotta love the butt!

I need to go surfing.  I dreamt last night of the perfect waves.  The water temp is still too cold for my wetsuit.

By eating small portions of basically anything I want + using self-control in terms of chocolate, I am losing weight.  I’ve lost 3 pounds this month.

My new favorite desert?  OMG.  Banana + chocolate syrup + whipped cream.  It’s like a banana split without the ice cream and I am in love!  The past few nights at work have been long (14 hours) and I reward myself once I get home with this banana split.  Okay, 2 of them.  But it was 3 am, I was hungry, and it was better than drinking half a bottle of wine.  Or rum.  Bananas are about 100 calories, and the whipped cream and chocolate syrup are so low, it’s not worth counting.

My nieces are a bad influence on me.  Now when I’m home alone, I find myself watching the Disney channel.  Yoga + Disney shows are fun.

Making Nutella crepes tonight, so I have a rather large jar on my kitchen counter.  I had to do the “quality control” upon unpacking it from my bag — and now I’m a little sick.  I think I just took in a day’s worth of calories.  Whew, that stuff is rich, but it tastes so darn good.  I don’t keep it in the house because it will disappear.

So yeah….that’s about it.





Messin’ with Texas Tour: Day 4

I had booked my flight from San Antonio to Atlanta to Wilmington early Monday morning so I could be home in time to work.  My plan would have been flawless if it weren’t for the snow that shut down Atlanta and Wilmington.  Luckily, I had found out early Sunday about my flight cancellation so I was able to call Orbitz and Delta to get things straightened out.  The funniest part was I had changed the trip name on my Orbitz account to “Messin’ with Texas Tour” and when I spoke with the heavily-accented Orbitz operator, who obviously was not a native English speaker, who asked, “Is this regarding your “Messin’ with Texas Tour?”  I could barely respond “Yes” to keep from laughing so hard.

After a lot of silence on the other end, the kind gentleman at Delta and I figured out a plan.  I would fly from San Antonio to JFK in New York City to Richmond, Virginia.  Crazy?  I’ll explain.

I have a college friend who I haven’t seen in ages who lives in Richmond, a decent 5 hour haul from Wilmington.  I figured since Wilmington was probably going to be shut down for 2 days for the blizzard (< 10″), I’d just rent a car and drive down the next day from Richmond.  I was all about the adventure.

I hugged Miranda good-bye, got out of San Antonio on time and landed at JFK, an airport I had never been to before.  I got twisted up in my itty bitty terminal and ended up walking out of the secure area in search of my non-existent gate.  Bugger.  I’d have to go through security again.  While I’ve traveled many cities in Europe, I’ve never been to New York, and as soon as the wanderlust started, I realized it was January, I was in New York, and my “coat” was a knit zip-up sweater.  Brrrr.  So I went through security AGAIN and figured out that gate 23 split into several different avenues (hence why there was no terminal H).

I stumbled upon a French bistro for lunch and had a crepe with Nutella.  I am currently battling an addiction to Nutella (especially after I came home and found a recipe for crepes), and oh my goodness it was heaven.  I got on the plane, tried to sleep, but the lady next to me was too close for me to slump in my seat and it made for a very uncomfortable nap.

I landed in Richmond and was picked up by my friend J.  We went back to her house and played a board game, ate a lovely dinner prepared by her boyfriend with steak and potatoes, and played some Kinect for the 1st time (that game is awesome!).

The next morning J made breakfast with real bacon and sausage and drove me to the airport.  I rented a Toyota Yaris (not a fun car to drive) and it ended up costing more than I thought it would, but it was so worth it.  I plugged in my iPod and headed for the sunnier skies of Wilmington.

The roads weren’t too bad – just wet – and as a former Illinoisan, I am quite comfortable in snow.  Unfortunately the car rental companies do not have any manual transmissions, so I was forced to take an automatic, something I don’t like to drive in bad weather conditions.  Well, it was one of those maze-like gear shifters and I noticed how hard the engine was running.  I didn’t have a tachometer or any other informative gauges, so I figured it was just the way the car sounded, having never driven one before.  I was about an hour down I-95 when I realized I was in 3rd gear.  Oops.  Shoved her into “drive” and all of a sudden it was a lot quieter and ran better.  I’m such an idiot!

I made it into Wilmington early afternoon, sort of sad that my adventure had come to an end.  I grabbed sushi at Nikki’s and all was right in my world.

I’m ready for my next adventure!