Around the house

Some stuff has been going around the barracks as of late….

* We painted our living room.  We wanted a light barely there green (we call is a [my dad’s name here] green, because he is so adverse to color) and we found what we thought was perfect.  Well, it was perfect until we put it on the wall; our barely there green looked like a shamrock shake green.  Yikes!  And after we spend nearly $80 in the wrong paint, we did what only trained professionals would do: we mixed a 1:1 dilution with white paint.  Voila!  Perfect shade of green.

* Our next project is the kitchen, which doesn’t have a lot of open surface area like the living room, but does have many contours – lots of brush work ahead.  We spent all of 3 minutes looking at paint – a bright barely there yellow – until we found one we both liked and agreed on.  We got home and it is so not the right color.  It blends in too much with our neutral colored zones and it doesn’t pop or speak to me.  So now we’re going to go back and get a quart of some BRIGHT yellow to mix with what we have and hopefully the color will be what we want and not some weird highlighter green shade.  This could get interesting.

* When nothing else is on late at night, I’ve started watching Teen Mom 2 on MTV.  I know, why watch such trash?  I rationalize it as my job is so cerebral that it’s a nice break from actually thinking about what is happening.  And it features a girl who lives in the next county over — crazy!  I don’t envy those girls, but sometimes I wonder how I would be as a mom.

* I just got over the Carolina Crud, aka the common cold.  Throat Coat Echinacea tea and elderberry caplets kept the worse part of it to 72 hours (I don’t know why they work, but they do!).  Working a 15 hour shift back to back probably didn’t help matters: the glands in my neck swelled up so much I had a hard time swallowing.  I feel back to my normal self again today.

* Because of said cold, I have spent the last few nights sleeping on the couch because my coughing/nose blowing/tossing and turning kept The General from his beauty sleep – but he had back to back 12 hour shifts at the crack of dawn, so I could understand that.  It really sucked because for 4 days I didn’t see him due to our wake/sleep cycles being completely opposite.  Today we got to hang out by picking out the wrong color paint, making a fabulous dinner with red velvet cake for desert, and sitting outside by the firepit enjoying the weather and burning most of our brush!  It was awesome, we laughed most of the day about silly stuff and even had a plank off (to see who could hold the plank position the longest — he won.)

* With all the chaos surrounding the nuclear situation in Japan, I come to learn that the Japanese reactors have 23 sister reactors in the USA.  2 of them are located in Brunswick County in Southport, just across the way; and 2 others are located near my hometown.  I had no idea there were nuclear reactors near my hometown!  Wow.  I read all about it here.  I’m not worried nor am I taking any of this iodine stuff – but still, it brings that disaster a little closer to home.

My prayers are with those people – especially the rescue and medical workers.  There is no rest for them in those situations.

And so, life goes on.  Summer’s coming soon and I am so ready.